LazyTown - Season 1

Sunday 10:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 16, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Robbie's Greatest Misses
    Mayor Meanswell is once again getting ready to present the Person of the Year trophy to Sportacus, but can't seem to keep it a secret that Sportacus is the winner. When he hears that Sportacus is winning again, Robbie decides to put a stop to it. Considering the past failures of his evil plans, he decides to hit Sportacus with several of his past failures, hoping that they'll combine into a success.moreless
  • LazyTown's Surprise Santa
    It's the Christmas season in LazyTown and everyone's getting ready for a holiday party. Robbie Rotten soon spots this, but declares that he wouldn't go even if he was invited. He hatches a plan to dress up as Santa Claus and spoil everyone's holiday fun. He decides he'll target a giant snowball at Sportacus. He puts that into effect, but also decides to swipe the Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, Stingy is having trouble understanding the spirit of Christmas. He just loves the gift-getting, but can't quite seem to get into the gift-giving.moreless
  • LazyTown's Greatest Hits
    This special musical episode features some of the most popular tunes from previous episodes. Stephanie goes around LazyTown asking everyone what there favorite LazyTown song is. The music video of that song is then played.
  • Secret Agent Zero
    Secret Agent Zero
    Episode 27
    Sportacus and the kids help Mayor Meanswell become a secret agent so that he can find out how Robbie Rotten won a race to become mayor of LazyTown.
  • LazyTown's New Superhero
    LazyTown has a new superhero and her name is SportaStephanie! In this special one-hour episode, the kids decide that Sportacus needs a vacation. Sportacus has never been good at vacationing, but they convince him that he should try to relax. Stephanie promises to take over hero duties as SportaStephanie. Robbie places a new plan into action. He creates a "purple ball of fluff" --- a robotic dog known as "Trouble." Trouble is programmed to spring into action anytime he hears his name, so whenever anyone says "Someone's in trouble!" Trouble shows up to wreak havoc.moreless
  • Miss Roberta
    Miss Roberta
    Episode 25
    Robbie thinks he finally has the perfect idea to get the kids to be lazy and slovenly. He'll be Miss Manners --- Miss Roberta to be precise. In this cross-dressing disguise, Robbie tries to teach the kids of LazyTown all the wrong manners.
  • Soccer Sucker
    Soccer Sucker
    Episode 24
    Robbie uses a soccer-playing robot to play against Sportacus in a game. Premiered on the NOGGIN network
  • Sportacus Who?
    Sportacus Who?
    Episode 23
    In his continued quest to try to get the kids of LazyTown to stop being active, Robbie Rotten decides to make Sportacus forget his mission. He figures that Sportacus won't be able to do anything if he erases his memory. He does just that and then starts trying to fill Sportacus's head with lies and unhealthy ideas.moreless
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
    Episode 22
    Pixel creates a remote that controls everything. Pixel, however, soon finds that his remote causes more trouble than it solves. He finds himself freezing everyone in the town with the remote.
  • Play Day
    Play Day
    Episode 21
    The kids celebrate a day devoted to playing games.
    Episode 20
    Pixel creates a website known as featuring profiles of the citizens of LazyTown. Robbie Rotten, however, is not included in the site. Fed up with being left out, Robbie hatches a plan to get inside the site itself and mess it up. Spotacus is forced to go online to set things right.moreless
  • Prince Stingy
    Prince Stingy
    Episode 19
    Robbie fools Stingy into thinking that he's the Prince of LazyTown which soon gets him into trouble. He convinces Stingy that he's of royal pedigree and convinces him to dress as a prince and wear a crown. Stingy, however, soon finds himself trapped alone with his fancy clothes and crown.
  • Records Day
    Records Day
    Episode 18
    Everyone in town is busy trying to set new world records while Robbie is trying to get the record for being the "Laziest Person". But, he keeps getting interrupted by the kids so he sabotages their attempts for world records.
  • Zap It!
    Zap It!
    Episode 17
    When things get messy in LazyTown, Pixel gets the idea that maybe the problem can just be vanished away. He invents a vanishing machine that will simply make it all disappear, or so he thinks. The machine only hides the problem and worse, Robbie Rotten sets his eyes on the device. He's certain that this is the perfect tool to rid LazyTown of Sportacus forever!moreless
  • Dear Diary
    Dear Diary
    Episode 16
    A missing page from Stephanie's diary causes trouble amongst the kids. Robbie discovers that the page has gone missing and hatches a plan to stir up trouble. He tries to break up Stephanie and Trixies' friendship --- forever!!!
  • Laziest Town
    Laziest Town
    Episode 15
    The kids attempt to raise the Energy Meter in order to avoid being named the Laziest Town.
  • My Treehouse
    My Treehouse
    Episode 14
    The kids enter a treehouse building contest but find it difficult working with Stingy because he doesn't know how to work as a team. Stingy feels that he can do everything better on his own. When Robbie Rotten finds out about this, he encourages Stingy's anti-social behavior. He gets Stingy to be all on his own, while he schemes to ruin the kids' plan for a clubhouse.moreless
  • Cry Dinosaur
    Cry Dinosaur
    Episode 13
    Stephanie and Stingy campout with a scared Ziggy who thinks he's seeing a dinosaur roaming about. Indeed, Ziggy has something to worry about, but it's not an actual dinosaur. Robbie Rotten has dressed up in a giant purple dinosaur costume to scare all the kids. Unfortunately for Ziggy, he's the only one who sees it at first. Given his past history of fibbing, the kids refuse to believe that he saw anything.moreless
  • Rottenbeard
    Episode 12
    Stephanie and the kids are having fun playing pirates. When Uncle Milford finds what they are doing, he tells them the story of a real pirate that once sailed in LazyTown --- Rottenbeard. Rottenbeard did whatever he wanted and spread laziness to every home until a hero arrived to stop him, as recorded in the LazyTown Big Book of History. Rottenbeard tried to get rid of everything healthy, but could never destroy the famous LazyTown stone, so he stole it and buried it. When Robbie Rotten learns of this ancient treasure, he decides to dress up as a pirate and create a fake LazyTown stone. He buries the stone and sets sail with the kids on a fake treasure hunt. The kids are excited by the chance to be real pirates at first, but soon discover the pirate life isn't all that they thought it was.moreless
  • Dr. Rottenstein
    Dr. Rottenstein
    Episode 11
    Robbie hopes to rob the LazyTown kids of energy by stopping them from eating vegetables and fruits. When he learns that Sportacus gets energy from "sports candy," he tries to figure out how to rid the town of it. He dresses up as Dr. Rottenstein. Rottenstein tells the kids that they're getting "spotty vegititis" and must stop eating these foods and only eat candy and other junk food. He also tells them that Sportacus is one of the main causes of the disease and he must leave town forever. As Robbie plans to hijack Sportacus's airship and steal fruits and vegetables, Ziggy begins to suspect that "Dr. Rottenstein" may be a quack.moreless
  • Lazy Scouts
    Lazy Scouts
    Episode 10
    Stephanie and the kids of LazyTown decide that they want to go camping outdoors. To their surprise, a scoutmaster shows up who they've never met before. He has tips for camping --- but unfortunately they're really rotten! Robbie is actually the scoutmaster and he's determined to show the kids the easy and lazy way to camp. He's determined to turn them into Lazy Scouts.moreless
  • Happy Brush Day
    Happy Brush Day
    Episode 9
    Ziggy tosses out a toothbrush, a birthday gift from Sportacus, in favor of a taffy machine from Robbie Rotten. Soon, Ziggy is unable to stop the gadget when it begins to get out of control and covers LazyTown in taffy.
  • Sportafake
    Episode 8
    Robbie Rotten's newest scheme is a real fake-out --- he's disguised himself as Sportacus. Knowing that the kids of LazyTown practically revere Sportacus, he figures that they will do the rotten things he wants. As he goes about his work, Mayor Meanswell attempts to help Bessie Busybody with her yardwork.

    Robbie puts his scheme into action, doing a weak imitation of Sportacus, but fooling the kids. Every time Sportacus leaves to go help Mayor Meanswell, Robbie appears and tries to get the kids to do unhealthy things.moreless
  • Hero for a Day
    Hero for a Day
    Episode 7
    Ziggy tries be a hero just like Sportacus but his antics start getting him in trouble when he messes up the construction of the kids' new clubhouse. He fashions himself a cape and starts calling himself "Sportacandy." He tries to save people, but seems to only be getting in the way. He learns that you don't have to have superpowers to be a superhero.

    While Ziggy tries to be a superhero, Robbie Rotten finds himself having trouble getting to sleep. He heads outside to a bench to sleep, but finds himself distracted by the noise of the clubhouse construction. He comes up with a plan to ruin the clubhouse in the hope of getting rest.moreless
  • Swiped Sweets
    Swiped Sweets
    Episode 6
    It's Bessie's birthday and the kids of LazyTown band together to make her the most fantastic cake ever. Robbie loves cake and decides that he wants it. He swipes the cake and then dresses up as a detective to frame Sportacus. He concocts phony clues to land Sportcaus directly in jail --- a makeshift prison of bars. The kids must work to prove Sportacus's innocence and unmask the real crook.moreless
  • Sleepless in LazyTown
    When Sportacus tells the kids that getting to sleep at 8:08 P.M. each night is his secret source of energy, Robbie decides that the solution to his Sportacus problem is to deprive the superhero of sleep. He's not been getting enough sleep lately himself, thanks in part the noisy activities of the LazyTown kids. He comes up with a noisy ball to keep Sportacus awake and tricks him taking it as part of a baseball game. He challenges Sportacus and the kids to a game. If he can hit the ball farther than Sportacus, then Sportacus must leave LazyTown --- forever. Sportacus gladly accepts the challenge, but doesn't realize what he's facing. He soon finds himself dozing off during the day because he wasn't able to get a good night's sleep. Meanwhile, Pixel stays up all night playing video games. He invents a device called the Remote Controlee 6000 to play baseball for him, but it's unreliable.moreless
  • Crystal Caper
    Crystal Caper
    Episode 4
    Sportacus loses his Crystal and offers a reward of one free wish to whoever finds it and returns it. Robbie sees this as the opportunity to get the free wish and use it to wish Sportacus out of LazyTown. It turns out that Stingy picked up the crystal. Robbie tries to trick Stingy into keeping it for himself. Without his crystal, it's hard for Sportacus to know when someone in LazyTown is in trouble.moreless
  • Sports Day
    Sports Day
    Episode 3
    The kids must face Robbie Rotten in a sports competition without the help of Sportacus after the villain causes the athletic hero to suffer a Sugar Meltdown brought on by a candy apple.
  • Defeeted
    Episode 2
    It seems that nobody is playing outside in LazyTown. Stephanie wanted to play soccer, but Pixel just wants to play a new soccer game on his computer and Ziggy wants to take a nice after-breakfast nap so he'll be ready for lunch. Mayor Meanswell sends a message to Sportacus and sets up this year's Spectacular Sports Day. Sportacus decides to perform a great soccer trick, but Robbie plans to ruin it all. He dresses up as a traveling salesman, messes up Sportacus's shoes and then tricks him into wearing radio-controlled boots.moreless
  • Welcome to LazyTown
    When Stephanie arrives in LazyTown, to spend the summer with her Uncle Milford, she finds that she has trouble making friends because all the local kids spend all their time indoors playing video games. So, her uncle enlists the help of Sportacus, an athletic hero who encourages the kids to have fun by remaining active. Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with Robbie Rotten, a lazy cheat, who takes pride in having LazyTown be the laziest town around so he plots to get rid of Sportacus.moreless