The League of Gentlemen

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The League of Gentlemen

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Welcome to Royston Vasey, a small town in northern England inhabited by an odd bunch of people. Amongst the residents you will find Edward and Tubbs, who run the Local Shop; the toad-worshipping Denton family; Dr. Chinnery, the vet who tends to turn sick animals into dead ones; Pauline, the pen-obsessed Job Centre employee; butcher Hilary Briss, who has some very suspicious sausages; and the enigmatic Papa Lazarou.
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  • The League of Gentlemen

    This show is very funny, but not for the faint of heart. The comedy is very dark, and often contains references to horror films. It is very entertaining for a thirty minute sitcom, and Edward and Tubbs are probably the most entertaining. I love the horror sketches, and horror + comedy=Lulz. I recommend checking this out immediately.
  • Different and bizarre

    I started watching this show after i watched psychoville and liked it.

    This show is pretty much what psychoville is, different, fun, dark, weird, and very very very bizarre.

    The this that i enjoy the most is the acting, and in this show the actors play a LOT more characters than in psychoville and they are just amazing.

    They do such an incredible job that u almost forget that are only 3 main actors here and 2 in psychoville.

    Right now i'm in the middle of season 2 and have already seen a lot of creppy stuff, and i can say that this is one of the best original shows i ever seen.moreless
  • Hello Dave.....

    A dark and surreal comedy set in the town of Royston Vasey(Real name of Roy Chubby Brown). Its twisted humour and dark storylines make this show a classic and different from all the rest. Many people don't watch The League of Gentlemen because it scares them, they don't understand the comedy. This show is very well casted, well written, and perfectly put together. Although I was slightly disappointed with the final series, i'm giving it a ten because I think a show of such wit and originality deserves a ten. I wish they could do another season of the show, or maybe a special.moreless
  • The League of Gentlemen is a British 20th Century black comedy, often infusing elements of horror and classic films (such as the wicker man) into a brilliantly styled and humorous narrative.moreless

    I stumbled across the League of Gentlemen purely by chance after a family friend forgot to take home some DVDs with her one night. We sat down to watch series one, just to be nosy as the covers looked intriguing.

    I can't say I got on with the show instantly, I just didn't get the shows humour and didn't really know what to make of it. I gave it a chance though and came across a hilarious episode where a frog gets stamped on and thrown onto a heater. I was in stitches for a long time. I went on to view series two and from there on in I was hooked. I went back to watch those episodes from series one I wasn't too fond of and realised their brilliance. I love the fact that with the league you are following an in depth story with each of the characters through each of the series and the humour is just another excellent added bonus to a brilliant narrative story. (Hilary Briss, Tubbs and Edward etc)

    The dark comedy does overstep the line at points (massage parlour series 3???) but these episodes are imo some of the funniest in the show.

    The series also provides a whole host of fantastically acted, quite gruesome characters with some brilliant one liners. ( The dialogue between Charlie and Stella is always fab imo) As well as this there is also some brilliant primary catchphrases for some of the characters which are never overused or tired out such as in shows like Little Britain or Catherine Tate. (Tubbs and Edward, Papa Lazarou etc)

    Overall if you are looking for some dark, brilliant comedy I would wholly recommend the League of Gentlemen.moreless
  • In this house, we do not use the "F" word...

    Similar to Little Britain, but not quite as good. While most of the characters are good, some of the characters are similar and few have recognisable catchphrases. In Little Britain, each character has become iconic and instantly identifiable. In the league of gentlemen, characters are prone to being forgotten or confused with other characters. In the first two series, the programme does a good job of blending both horror and comedy. The comedy does not cover the horror element of the show and the horror element does not cover the comedy of the programme. That changes in the third series, where many of the popular characters reach a grizly end. The characters each have an episode to themselves in the third series, which makes some episodes much better than the others. Fireexit112 might want to note that Christopher Eccleston is in the third series...moreless

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