The League of Gentlemen

Season 3 Episode 6

How The Elephant Got Its Trunk

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2002 on BBC Two

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  • Never before has a League of Gentlemen episode left me sitting for hours, thinking what another series would be like

    This episode was the greatest half an hour of television to have existed ever. Not only did Papa Lazarou spend the half an hour collecting all of our favourite characters to put inside animals (such as Brian, Charlie, Renee, Bernice) but we still had hilarious sketches such as Dean Tavolouris and the Dog Cinema. By the end you had so many questions like will Keith ever be caught, what is Papa Lazarou, will Pauline live happily ever after, will Alvin be exposed and the big one. Were Tubbs and Edward reincarnated through Babs' twin children? We can dream can't we?