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  • The League of Gentlemen

    This show is very funny, but not for the faint of heart. The comedy is very dark, and often contains references to horror films. It is very entertaining for a thirty minute sitcom, and Edward and Tubbs are probably the most entertaining. I love the horror sketches, and horror + comedy=Lulz. I recommend checking this out immediately.
  • Different and bizarre

    I started watching this show after i watched psychoville and liked it.
    This show is pretty much what psychoville is, different, fun, dark, weird, and very very very bizarre.
    The this that i enjoy the most is the acting, and in this show the actors play a LOT more characters than in psychoville and they are just amazing.
    They do such an incredible job that u almost forget that are only 3 main actors here and 2 in psychoville.
    Right now i'm in the middle of season 2 and have already seen a lot of creppy stuff, and i can say that this is one of the best original shows i ever seen.
  • Hello Dave.....

    A dark and surreal comedy set in the town of Royston Vasey(Real name of Roy Chubby Brown). Its twisted humour and dark storylines make this show a classic and different from all the rest. Many people don't watch The League of Gentlemen because it scares them, they don't understand the comedy. This show is very well casted, well written, and perfectly put together. Although I was slightly disappointed with the final series, i'm giving it a ten because I think a show of such wit and originality deserves a ten. I wish they could do another season of the show, or maybe a special.
  • The League of Gentlemen is a British 20th Century black comedy, often infusing elements of horror and classic films (such as the wicker man) into a brilliantly styled and humorous narrative.

    I stumbled across the League of Gentlemen purely by chance after a family friend forgot to take home some DVDs with her one night. We sat down to watch series one, just to be nosy as the covers looked intriguing.

    I can't say I got on with the show instantly, I just didn't get the shows humour and didn't really know what to make of it. I gave it a chance though and came across a hilarious episode where a frog gets stamped on and thrown onto a heater. I was in stitches for a long time. I went on to view series two and from there on in I was hooked. I went back to watch those episodes from series one I wasn't too fond of and realised their brilliance. I love the fact that with the league you are following an in depth story with each of the characters through each of the series and the humour is just another excellent added bonus to a brilliant narrative story. (Hilary Briss, Tubbs and Edward etc)

    The dark comedy does overstep the line at points (massage parlour series 3???) but these episodes are imo some of the funniest in the show.

    The series also provides a whole host of fantastically acted, quite gruesome characters with some brilliant one liners. ( The dialogue between Charlie and Stella is always fab imo) As well as this there is also some brilliant primary catchphrases for some of the characters which are never overused or tired out such as in shows like Little Britain or Catherine Tate. (Tubbs and Edward, Papa Lazarou etc)

    Overall if you are looking for some dark, brilliant comedy I would wholly recommend the League of Gentlemen.
  • In this house, we do not use the "F" word...

    Similar to Little Britain, but not quite as good. While most of the characters are good, some of the characters are similar and few have recognisable catchphrases. In Little Britain, each character has become iconic and instantly identifiable. In the league of gentlemen, characters are prone to being forgotten or confused with other characters. In the first two series, the programme does a good job of blending both horror and comedy. The comedy does not cover the horror element of the show and the horror element does not cover the comedy of the programme. That changes in the third series, where many of the popular characters reach a grizly end. The characters each have an episode to themselves in the third series, which makes some episodes much better than the others. Fireexit112 might want to note that Christopher Eccleston is in the third series...
  • Funny and terrifying

    "This is a local shop for local people!"

    Completely off the wall insane comedy that makes shows such as Little Britain look positively tame. I have to stress that this review is based on seeing only the second series - and I think that was enough.
    On a good note, the acting is very consistent, the music's catchy, and the beginning jokes are always funny. However, half the time the dark/black comedy is just too dark to really be funny any more. There is a line between comedy and going too far, and The League of Gentlemen does occasionally cross this line.
  • Brilliant - But!

    The first time I watched 'The league of Gentlemen' I was in Heaven (or maybe Hell ;-) ). Finally, a series that was as funny as Monty Python without actually copying them.

    The characters in Royston Vasey were just horribly funny. You just had to love them (Edward and Tubbs will always have a special place in my heart).

    Season Two continued the great stories and adding new weird characters to the show (Herr Lipp or Papa Lazarou). It was still top notch.

    But then season three came along and the stories weren't as funny anymore. It just wasn't 'my league' anymore. Of course there were still funny moments in it The Medusa (the idea is great. Really GREAT!) for example. But it wasn't enough.
  • Quirky and wickedly funny ...

    The League of Gentlemen has to be one of the most original, innovative, intelligent, dark, scary & damn right hilarious television shows ever produced. Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss & Jeremy Dyson have created a whole world for which their characters belong to.

    I love it!

    I can't wait for BBC America to show them, because with the recent onslaught of trash like Little Britain and The Hollow Men, both of which have made me all the more aware of how rare a truly remarkable show like the League is, one could easily lose hope that there are really any good sketch/character comedies out there anymore (besides Monty Python of course!).

  • Absolutely dark, and absolutely funny.

    Just the way Red Dwarf combined humor and sci-fi, the League of Gentlemen combine humor and horror. It is so dark, yet so funny in the traditional brticom way. How they came up with the characters I will never know. One of the best things about the show is watching how the characters grow and develop, without losing any of the edge of the show. They a thuroughly unapologetic and unmistakingly unique.
  • This is one of the best comedies from the UK in recent times. Hilarious in every single episode. The most original comedy in years .

    Although British comedies ar not usually as good as american ones this ways up to anything America has produced.Probably the ost bizarre comedy ever. The strange people of Royston Vasey are the hilarious highlights of this . Papa Lazarou being my favorite. This makes me laugh every time I see it no matter which character or episode i am watching. I wish that there were more series to come. They gave us the League of Gentlemens Apocolypse which was also hilarious but I want to see more . Overall I give this show 5 Stars, 9.3 . Hilarious and Bizarre.
  • The best sitcom of recent times by miles, this is a weird trip through the town of Royston Vasey and all it\'s odd inhabitants.

    As soon as I discovered the League of Gentlemen I fell in love with it.

    The characters of which live in Roysten Vasey each have their own quirk, no matter how small or weird, or nasty and horrible, they have one and the League of Gentlemen use this so well.

    Over the three series, it progresses so well, and gets weirder and weirder. The first two series, being sitcom/sketch show style are great, they can introduce the characters so hiliariously, and then keep that going, slowly playing on their own little things which make them unique...

    Such as Pauline, the restart officer for the local job centre, with a near hatred of the dole scum she has to work with, and her obsession with pens. Edward and Tubbs Tattsyrup, the two \'local\' shop owners, who have a dis-taste for anyone not local to the village...

    The third series makes a change in the way the sitcom works, as in over the six episodes it tells the different views of just one story line, which all adds up with the maddest ending, but the saddest music, I think anyway.

    I\'ll add while I\'m here that the League of Gentlemen\'s Apocaylpse, the movie, is one of the most original, and funny, films of this year, and certainly in the sitcom movie spin-off area!
  • This show is definitely not for everyone, And it's definitely not for those with a weak-stomach. But that's why I love it. It's abosolutely brilliant.

    The League of Gentlemen breaks all the rules. There is nothing politically correct about it. The league throw all caution to the winds as they ignore the more wholesome, normal aspects of comedy and go to the dark side. The show is outrageous, shocking, and hilarious. The first time I ever sat down to watch an episode, I remember being completely astounded that anyone would have the guts to create something like this. But I'm glad they have. Because the League of Gentlemen is the funniest thing ever put on television. This show is not for everyone. It will, most likely, disgust, surprise and scare people. And others just won't get it. You have to be slightly insane to think up this stuff, and you have to be slightly insane to enjoy it. Which I definitely am.
  • One of the most amazing shows ever produced

    I still kick myself for not watching this show earlier when it was shown on Comedy Central. Sure, I knew about it but from the comercials it never seemed that funny. Boy, did those commercials do me wrong. The League of Gentlemen is one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. It has some of the strangest jokes ever and even stranger characters. The first two series were superb and utterly hilarious. When series three came about, I was blown away. The film-like nature of the shows in prevalent in all three of the series, including the christmas special, but series three is where its amazingly clear. The six episodes of series three all occur during one day and interconnect. Truly amazing television, a must watch.
  • British comedy at its very best!

    Originally performed in theatres and then on radio, the team decided to try television. The resulting show has won several awards and it is easy to see why.

    Apparently influenced by old British horror films, the series is set in the fictional town of Royston Vasey. Written by four comedy geniuses, three of them each play a diverse range of main characters with the fourth also making occasional appearances.

    The humour is dark and compelling, mixed with horror and gore. It is easy to relate to many of the characters, even the grotesque, each likeable in their own way. Amazingly, many of the characters are based on real life people!

    Although guaranteed to offend some, this is an exceptional show that shouldn't be missed by any!
  • Not the best sketch show, but worth watching if there isn't anything else good on TV.

    Well now, the League of Gentlemen is another comedy sketch show. Just a little personal feeling, but it seems like the sadistic peer group leader is turning into a cliche. Little Britain has one. You know, Majorie Dawes, the fat-fighters leader. This one's an unemployment group leader. It's not that good, come on. If I wanted to watch trash, I'd watch Friends. There are a few good comedy shows these days, but they seem to be going downhill fast.
    The League of Gentlemen occasionally conjures a laugh, but it's not exactly witty or realistic. It doesn't show up society like a good satire or a show with satire in it does. I'm just saying, it's not as good as it's made out to be.
  • The League of Gentlemen is the most twisted and bizzare comedies ever made. It is also one of the best

    The League of Gentlemen is the most twisted and bizzare comedies ever made. It is also one of the best! What remains so amazing everytime I watch the show is that it is just three young men who fill out the entire cast of characters for the fictional town of Royston Vasey and there would be hundreds of characters.

    I have never seen a show as brilliant and as clever as The League of Gentlemen and don't think I ever will again. Over the course of the three series and a christmas special the show has evolved from hilarious sketch show to complicated drama/comedy. Amazing!