The League of Gentlemen

BBC Two (ended 2002)





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  • The League of Gentlemen is a British 20th Century black comedy, often infusing elements of horror and classic films (such as the wicker man) into a brilliantly styled and humorous narrative.

    I stumbled across the League of Gentlemen purely by chance after a family friend forgot to take home some DVDs with her one night. We sat down to watch series one, just to be nosy as the covers looked intriguing.

    I can't say I got on with the show instantly, I just didn't get the shows humour and didn't really know what to make of it. I gave it a chance though and came across a hilarious episode where a frog gets stamped on and thrown onto a heater. I was in stitches for a long time. I went on to view series two and from there on in I was hooked. I went back to watch those episodes from series one I wasn't too fond of and realised their brilliance. I love the fact that with the league you are following an in depth story with each of the characters through each of the series and the humour is just another excellent added bonus to a brilliant narrative story. (Hilary Briss, Tubbs and Edward etc)

    The dark comedy does overstep the line at points (massage parlour series 3???) but these episodes are imo some of the funniest in the show.

    The series also provides a whole host of fantastically acted, quite gruesome characters with some brilliant one liners. ( The dialogue between Charlie and Stella is always fab imo) As well as this there is also some brilliant primary catchphrases for some of the characters which are never overused or tired out such as in shows like Little Britain or Catherine Tate. (Tubbs and Edward, Papa Lazarou etc)

    Overall if you are looking for some dark, brilliant comedy I would wholly recommend the League of Gentlemen.