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League of Super Evil

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There's no better time to root for the bad guys than with The League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E). There's Voltar, their evil leader; Red Menace, the group's muscle; Doktor Frogg, the group's mad scientist; and Doomageddon, the well, the dog. Follow these four Super Villains as they try for neighborhood domination!
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  • This show is banned in my house!

    The stupidity of this show is a clear indication of Lee Tockar himself. A man who is immature and thinks he can intimidate people he has never meet.
  • An Awesome Show :)

    Watch it ever morning before school, got to say it's fairly entertaining. Every now and then it'll be a repeat, and some of the jokes are pretty cheesy, but nonetheless it's a fantastic show!

  • Wake UP!

    First of all, this show rocks. And no, im not a "psycho fan", but um some of these reviews are just idiotic. Where do people get these ideas?

    Doktor Frogg is supposed to be funny. He has far more humor than 90% of the shows out there.

  • Good cartoon.

    I like this show. This is one of the watchable cartoons.

    Plot: Voltar, Red, and Dr. Frogg, Doomagedon, their pet dog with powers, has an evil organization called L.O.S.E to take over the world! But they have issues! And that gets in their way!

    Characters: Each one has their own point of stupidity, in different ways, example, Voltar, has a kiddish plans that he thinks that it will do good but it accomplishes nothing, Red, strong, but nice and stupid. Almost everyone can trick this guy. Dr. Frogg, he really thinks he's a genius, but his inventions always flaws on himself or destroyed by someone, mostly himself, Red and Doomagedon. Doomagedon, a dog that can teleport from long places, who always acts like a mutt. They're good.

    Humor: Their stupidity and mistakes is the aiming of the humor here, they sometimes win, but mostly, they always lose! It's kinda funny, that their organization is telling that you will lose, but they are the ones who always lose instead! Also, probably, their leader Voltar, is a toddler just like anyone else says.

    Art: Bad CGI animation movements, their appearance would be more better if it wasn't for the bad quality of the animation.

    Overall: 7.5. Needs improvement for some more good humor and art.moreless
  • It may have problems, but it's better than most of the tosh CN airs these days.

    I first heard about this show on the internet. Reading people's comments, I decided to check it out. And to my amazement, (thinking I would hate it), I actually liked it!

    The plot is interesting; a team of three supervillians (and their dog), which make up the League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E. Oh, the irony!) plot to take over the world. Yes, it's cliche, but it's interesting because you're actually watching the point of view of the villians, not the heroes. (Just goes to show that the villians CAN be more interesting than the heroes!)

    Let's talk about the characters. Voltar's the leader, but he's my least favourite character because of these three points:

    - For a leader, he's pretty stupid.

    - I'm slightly confused as to whether he's a highly intelligent toddler (as he regularly throws temper tantrums) or a just a manchild.

    - He screams too often.

    Doktor Frogg, the mad scientist, is the brains of the group and he's my favourite. He's got a cool accent, but he recieves WAY too much hurt from everyone. Red Menace is OK, y'know, your standard dumb henchman, but to be honest, he's a really nice guy who picked the wrong career. I don't really have a lot to say on Doomageddon since he mostly eats stuff.

    The animation looks like a strange mix of Flash and CGI. It's decent, but sometimes it becomes either stiff or choppy. But I have seen worse. The character designs are decent too, and to be honest, I actually find them kinda cute.

    The humour is where the show slips. The jokes are hit and miss and some are even cheesy. The show also runs on slapstick comedy. Come on, a nice, clever joke would be nice sometimes!

    The episodes are pretty predictable, but they can be amusing if you're in the right mood.

    Overall, I think this show is good but not great. Also, I would like to point out that the show does echo Ed Edd n Eddy in places, with Voltar being Eddy, Doktor Frogg being Edd and Red Menace being Ed.

    They make plans that backfire horribly on the neighbourhood kids. Um, yeah, I know EEnE was a legendary CN cartoon, but you don't need to start copying from it. Of course, this is better than the crap CN is currently airing today. If you like wackiness, this show is for you.moreless

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