Leave It to Beaver

Season 6 Episode 23

Box Office Attraction

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1963 on ABC

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  • Another lesson in stupidity.

    Wally basically gets the shaft from am older 20ish girl who works at the local movie theatre as a ticket cashier. He wants to take ker out but is shy,he approaches her and she asks him out sort of. You know whats coming.She takes him to some lame coffeehouse kinda club with a jukebox.He sits at a table while she flirts with other guys and dances basically ignoring him.So when she comes back to the table he tells her ,whats the deal ,why do you keep ignoring me.She says youd better run along ,your just not into the scene. What a bitch , even in 1963 he should have told her off and what a flake and a using jerk she was.
  • Wally falls for the wrong kind of girl.

    Wally falls for the ticket taker at the local box office. Ward has one of the funnies lines ever in this movie. June is concerned that since she's a working girl, she may be out of school, or horror, a "divorcee". June wants Wally to have her over for dinner before their first date. Ward says Wally will balk. Wally loves the idea. June makes a mildly smart remark, and Ward responds: "Sometimes I really worry about that boy." ROFL. Meanwhile, Beaver and Gilbert had seen the girl in a local bar nursing a beer with another guy. Beaver is not sure what to do, not wanting to spoil Wally's excitement. After dinner, Wally and the girl go out presumably to the movie, and Beaver tells his parents about seeing the girl. On the date, the girl drags a smoke and offers one to Wally, who of course declines as he's "in training". The girl has Wally pull over the car and starts kissing him because she wants him to like her. She sends the date on a detour to the bar. He doesn't drink the beer she ordered him, she dances with the same guy she was with the other day, and suggests Wally go home because they just didn't hit it off. Wally agrees and heads home.
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