Leave It to Beaver

Season 4 Episode 33

Community Chest

Aired Unknown May 13, 1961 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Beaver is talking to Wally after going around the neighborhood a second time, he says, "Even that crazy guy who chased us away yesterday gave us money today." That doesn't make sense since the purpose of Beaver and Gilbert's second trip was just to record how much each donor had given. They weren't seeking any new donations, so why would they have bothered that man again - especially when they were afraid of him?

  • Quotes

    • *Gilbert goes with Beaver to get the money he lost back*
      Gilbert: Hey lady, this dumb kid lost the money everybody gave him for the Community Chest yesterday. Some people are giving him the money back, and some are giving him double!

      Lady: Oh that happens. I lose things all the time. And your father should be more understanding, after all, he was once a boy just like you!
      Beaver: Oh no lady, he was never like me, he was much better.

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