Leave It to Beaver

Season 2 Episode 2

Eddie's Girl

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1958 on ABC



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    • Although Leave It to Beaver has a reputation for being unrealistic, I think that Wally's reaction to his mom for setting up the date was pretty normal in this episode. The fact that he yelled at her and confronted her for not asking him first was suprisingly confrontational for a show that was supposed to be so conservative.

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    • In this episode two things occurred that relate to two other episodes. The first is that Ward is getting Wally ready to attend the dance when June walks in with a corsage.
      This was in season 2, whereas in season 3 Wally can't get Ward to pop for an orchid corsage to give to Myra Barker in "Wally's Orchid."
      Just after June hands the corsage to Wally she tells Beaver that he will be staying home alone while she and Ward take Wally to the dance. Then, all the way in season 5, Beaver is not allowed to stay home and must have a babysitter in "No Time For Babysitters."

    • It's interesting that in this episode June brings a corsage for Wally to give to Carolyn Cunningham when in a later episode (Wally's Orchid) Ward (at first) won't let Wally buy a corsage for Myra Barker. Also in this episode Ward and June have no problem letting Beaver stay at home while the rest of the family is gone, yet in a later episode (No Time For Baby-Sitters three seasons later!) Beaver is not allowed to stay home alone without a sitter. Marcus Tee

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