Leave It to Beaver

Season 6 Episode 29

Eddie's Sweater

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1963 on ABC

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  • Lousy ,still never lets the main character explain episode

    Another tired episode where stupid people jump to stupid conclusions and stupid misunderstandings. Lumpy being the jerk that he is again and Eddie the creep as usual. And the girls ,Cindy - knitting a sweater for eddie as a birthday gift and needs a male model like Wally to get measurements from ? -who are the writers ,and Julie -wallys gf calling and beaver mistakes her for cindy and says hes on his way over to your place,she gets mad and becomes a crybaby bitch at school but of course later on she makes up with wally who should have told everyone what was going on and screw eddies birthday. Beaver's typical idiocy showing itself yet again for the 1000th time thinking one girl is another and then not telling what he did. No wonder this show got tired and maybe why the 70's were such an explosion of sex and drugs. If the 50's and 60's were portrayed as such sugary sweet virginal crap and thats how people were its no wonder the plots on this shows later years were very infantile.
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