Leave It to Beaver

Season 4 Episode 32

In the Soup

Aired Unknown May 06, 1961 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode is the has the highest production costs of the entire series. They had to build the very expensive billboard and use more than the usual number of studio sets.

  • Quotes

    • *Beaver, climbing the billboard*
      Beaver: Where am I? Am I there yet?
      Gilbert: No, you're on her muscle! *Beaver climbs some more than slips* Now get up and put your foot on the lady's thumb! *Beaver climbs further until he tries to peek into the cup of soup*
      Beaver: I still can't tell, it's steaming though.
      Gilbert: Well go up further! *Beaver hoists himself up and falls in* hey Beav, there's no soup in there, is there? I didn't hear a splash!
      *Beaver peeks out of the cup and gives Gilbert a "look"*

      *Planning Wally's party*
      Wally: You won't have to do much, just make the bacon and egss or whatever we wanna have that night. We'll clean up the mess afterwards
      June: Mess?
      Wally: Oh yeah, we'll clean up the soda bottles and paper plates and any records that have gotten busted. . .
      June: You break records?
      Wally: Well not on purpose. It's all the girls' fault *June looks confused* Well, they put the records on chairs and tables and the guys wind up sitting on them.

      *When June finds out about the boy on the billboard and Ward and Wally leave to pick up the party guests from the scene*
      June: Oh no .. . he's at Gilbert's house.

      *the fire engines show up*
      Eddie: Oh here comes the fire engines! *makes a siren noise* *After a few minutes*
      Eddie: *sarcastically, as only Eddie can do* Oh Mr. Fireman! Save my child!
      Eddie: Some little dope got stuck up there! *sees Ward* Oh Hello Mr. Cleaver, some unfortunate lad is trapped up there!

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