Leave It to Beaver

Season 3 Episode 13

June's Birthday

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1959 on ABC



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    • Wally: *about the wallet he gave to June* Oh yeah, and there's a card in there in case you ever get mugged!
      June: Oh, uh, thank you Wally!

      Ward: *about the blouse* Look what it says here "ooh la la!" *he whispers "ooh la la" as June turns to go upstairs, with the blouse on*

      June: Wally, I did something terrible today.
      Wally: Didja bang up the car?
      June: No! I promised the Beaver I'd wear the blouse, but I wore another one to the Mother's Club tea
      Wally: So?

  • Notes

    • Surely June could have "spilled" some ink on the blouse rendering it not wearable. Then she could have told Beaver that is why she didn't wear the blouse to his school

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