Leave It to Beaver

ABC (ended 1963)





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  • Timely and Yet Exaggerated TV Nostalgia

    This is not one of my favorite shows; yet, I can't find any reason to really hate it. To me, the show has a wonderful sense of nostalgia in the screwy sense of relationship between parents and children in the 1950s. Case in point, why does Beaver and Wally always think their parents are going to kill them? They have no basis behind this belief, yet, they always have some warped belief or notion that it is going to happen. And how long will Beaver continue to listen to Eddie, Lumpy, Whitey and Larry before he wises up and learns not to do what they say? He could have saved himself a lot of worry and clinical psychologist time on the couch if but he only recalled all the previous times what they said got him into trouble. Even so, Ward and June seemed to set the parental standards before Mike and Carol Brady which no set of parents could live up to. Personally, I would have preferred Robert and Laura Petrie as parents, but I am a bit jealous that Beaver had a hot looking teacher in the form of Mrs. Landers. This show definitely set the standards by which all family shows went by even as far as having the father work in a non-descript, undefined job. As best as I can tell, I'll bet even money he was in advertising, but he could just have easily been a secret agent or a town official without it affecting his home life.