Leave It to Beaver

ABC (ended 1963)





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  • Its about the regular family that lived comfortably. Had two kids and two great parents.

    Wally and "The Beaver" were great actors if you ask me. They made the show seem so real. You would watch it and think that you were watching a hidden video camera that was in the room. The two of them really made it seem like they were really related. The Father and Mother made the show so entertaining. The best was Wally's friend Eddie. He was the perfect suck up to Mrs. Cleaver. He would always complement her and suck up to her, she knew what was going on so he never got over on her and the parents knew he was bad news. As dumb as Eddie was he was a true friend to Wally and would mess around with Beaver a lot. Great show, and i agree it did become more popular when the reruns came on. Its on TV Land all the time now. It may have been on way before my time, but i still enjoy watching it and thinking about what life was back then.