Leave It to Beaver

ABC (ended 1963)





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  • This series remains one of the best television shows ever made. It has competent plot, acting, great stories with good morals without getting preachy, and lovable characters. It\'s my all-time favorite show.

    Leave It To Beaver is one of the best television shows ever made. It has all the important and successful elements in the formula. It has great stories that are simple, humor that is clean yet not sappy, a message in each of the episodes, and it reflects life in that period, where innocence and kindness seemed to be more important. The characters were believable and the actors did a convincing job in every episode. One standout aspect of the show was that it tried to get a good message out to the audience. It showed the action from the point of view of the children even though the parents of this family show clearly held the reins. It was perhaps reflective of a time when parents still had a respect from their children. It\'s too bad such things aren\'t promoted in today\'s media. It\'s one thing to reflect the times, it\'s another to direct an important message to the viewer. Life might not have been exactly the same as it was on Leave It To Beaver, but at least the creators of the show wanted to pick out the best aspects of life in that period of the 1950s and 1960s and deliver important ideas of respect, kindness, moral fiber, and honesty. Those were the watchwords of the writers. The scripts were very good, a lot of fun, and enjoyable to such a degree that one never tires of seeing them over and over again. I think that the quality of Leave It To Beaver makes it a classic that will live on forever.
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