Leave It to Beaver

ABC (ended 1963)



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  • The Cleaver family is your typical American family, with father Ward, mother June, older brother Wally and little Theodore, better known as "Beaver". It was shown from the eyes of the "Beaver"

    Leave it to Beaver is one of those shows from the 50s that has a somewhat idealized vision of the American family. However, unlike Ozzie & Harriet and Father Knows Best, LITB was seen from the point of the view of the children and even the dialogue reflects that. While some of the plotlines are decidedly corny, there is something off the wall about some of the things Beaver does(Falling into a giant soup bowl, pushing a baby buggy across town, getting his head stuck in a fence), but they still feel realistic. And with the idealized family life of the Cleavers, it is hinted that maybe Eddie Haskells family life isnt exactly ideal. And even the scenes between Ward and June seem to ring true, though there are times that Wards little homilies to the kids get on my nerves. Still this is a show that looks better than it did when it first came on. Maybe it was ahead of its time in its own way.
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