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  • I am watching LITB on Netflix

    I am glad they brought it back.

    I always liked LITB as a child, there was just something about it.

    Having watched every episode, often more than once, sometimes the Inconsistencies used to kill me.

    Like one reader noted that ,Gilbert's last name is first called Gates, than Bates, then for two episodes it's Harrison, than back to Bates again. I had not picked up on that, but I do remember in the 1st episode where Gilbert moves in across the street, Beaver and Gilbert get into a fight, and Mr Cleaver and Gilbert's dad are talking, and Gilbert's dad says something like it's hard for the boy, and he (The Dad) is a musician, and they are always moving. Then later in the series, Gilbert says his dad is an electrical engineer. (I thought he was a musician?) Then in the episode where Beaver plays the lead in a play, and has to kiss the girl, the teachers are talking, and one says Gilbert did not make the drama club, because he was giggling, and the other teacher says " I had his Dad as a boy" and he was always giggling too. (What so He grew up in Mayfield and just happened to move back there.)

    It's not a big deal, but if your a die hard LITB fan, it just kind of kills me.

    I am sure there are others, can't think of anything right now.