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ABC (ended 1963)





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  • If you don't like Beaver you're probably a moronic Full House fan.

    Leave It to Beaver is a classic show that still manages to hold up well today some 40 years after it went off the air. It was one of the few shows of its kind that was told from the point of view of the child. If you realize this it might help you to understand and appreciate the show more. The world we see in Leave It to Beaver is shown through the eyes of Beaver, Wally, and the other youths not the adults.

    The acting was always pretty good and while some of the scripts were lame most were funny and tasteful. The actors themselves, while not Academy Award winning calibre, managed to create memorable characters who have stood the test of time. Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers were two of the best child actors from that era and Hugh Beaumont and Barbara Billingsley remain the standard TV sitcom mother and father. Special mention must be made of Ken Osmond who portrayed Eddie Haskell. Osmond stole nearly every episode in which he appeared as the conniving Eddie.

    Many throughout the years have criticized Leave It to Beaver for providing a false and unrealistic picture of domestic family life. Maybe it did but I'd much rather sit through a half hour with the Cleavers than a half hour with the loutish Connor family from Roseanne. Or the ludicrous Tanners from Full House.