Leave It to Beaver - Season 1

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Cat Out of the Bag
    Cat Out of the Bag
    Episode 39
    The neighbors are going away for the weekend and Beaver and Wally have been put in charge of taking care of their lawn and their cat, Puff Puff. When Eddie shows up with his dog, Wolf, chaos erupts and Wolf chases Puff Puff away.
  • Beaver's Guest
    Beaver's Guest
    Episode 38
    Beaver is all excited to have his friend, Larry Mondello, stay over for the weekend. However, things start off on the wrong foot when Beaver and Larry get into a fight ending with Beaver punching Larry in the stomach.
  • Beaver Runs Away
    Beaver Runs Away
    Episode 37
    Larry gets Beaver into trouble when he goads Beaver into trying out Ward's drill and in the end there are two holes in the garage wall. Ward hits the roof and scolds Beaver who in turn decides to run away.
  • Beaver and Henry
    Beaver and Henry
    Episode 36
    An animal is chewing up June's flower bed, so Ward and the boys set a trap to catch it. They soon catch a white rabbit whom Beaver talks Ward and June into keeping. Beaver names him Henry only to later discover Henry is really a Henrietta and she's expecting.
  • Boarding School
    Boarding School
    Episode 35
    An old friend of Wally's stops by with stories about how great it is at the military school he attends. This leads Wally to decide that he would like to attend military school, despite a wary Ward and June.
  • Beaver's Bad Day
    Beaver's Bad Day
    Episode 34
    An incident at the park leads to Beaver ripping the pants on his gray flannel suit. When he's questioned by Ward and June he makes up a wild story that his parents quickly see through. Lectured in telling the truth, Beaver does just that when the pants of his other suit are ripped but Ward and June don't believe him.moreless
  • Wally's Job
    Wally's Job
    Episode 33
    Wally jumps at the chance to paint a couple of garbage cans for Ward, who offers 50 cents a piece. However, once Eddie tells Wally, that his father was charged $3.00 to have his painted, he becomes disinterested in the job which is when Beaver steps in and takes over the job.moreless
  • Beaver's Old Friend
    Beaver's Old Friend
    Episode 32
    Wally and Beaver are helping Ward clean out the garage when they run across Beaver's old teddy bear, Billy. Beaver reluctantly throws him away after Ward and Wally tell him he's too old for dolls. However, Beaver changes his mind but he's too late, the garbage truck came, which leads Beaver to take drastic measures to get him back.moreless
  • New Doctor
    New Doctor
    Episode 31
    June has Wally stay home from school when he comes down with a sore throat and suddenly Wally is immersed in attention from his parents, friends and doctor. Jealous and feeling left out, Beaver fakes illness, seeking that same attention.
  • Music Lesson
    Music Lesson
    Episode 30
    Wally makes the baseball team and Ward openly shows how proud he is of him, leaving Beaver feeling inferior. Trying to impress his parents, Beaver tries out for the band and begins practicing the clarinet. However, Beaver soon finds himself with more problems when he's let go from the band.
  • Tenting Tonight
    Tenting Tonight
    Episode 29
    After a weekend spent at the movies goes awry for Ward, he decides the boys should spend their weekends outside and plans a camping trip. However, when Ward's called into work, Wally and Beaver decide to camp out in the backyard.
  • Next Door Indians
    Next Door Indians
    Episode 28
    Wanting to be liked by Wally's friends, Beaver makes up a wild story about the vacant lot next to his house being an Indian battle ground. After making a bet with Eddie, Beaver has Wally help him plant artifacts in the lot. However, that is forgotten when the kids make a discovery that they believe will make them rich.moreless
  • My Brother's Girl
    My Brother's Girl
    Episode 27
    An eighth grade dance has Wally being pressured into attending with a girl, instead of going stag with Eddie. However, Mary Ellen Rogers becomes determined to have Wally take her and goes through Beaver to get to him.
  • Train Trip
    Train Trip
    Episode 26
    After a week long visit with their Aunt Martha, Wally and Beaver prepare to head home to Mayfield on a train. After talking Martha into letting them buy their own tickets, they discover they're short the money after spending it on junk food and find themselves wondering how they are going to get home.moreless
  • The Broken Window
    The Broken Window
    Episode 25
    While playing baseball in the street with Wally, Chester and Tooey, Eddie hits a baseball through the Cleaver's window resulting in Ward forbidding the boys to play baseball so close to the house. However, later, Beaver talks Wally into pitching one, but this results in a broken car window.
  • The State vs. Beaver
    Ward helps Beaver and Wally build a miniature race car powered by the lawn mower motor and Ward makes the boys promise not to use it without him being with them. Later, Larry talks Beaver into taking it for a spin resulting in being pulled over by a traffic officer.
  • Beaver and Poncho
    Beaver and Poncho
    Episode 23
    Beaver makes a trade with Larry Mondello, a glass doorknob for a Chihuahua. Larry had found the dog in his garbage can, so when Beaver brings it home, Ward immediately breaks the news that he's going to place an ad in the lost and found and that Beaver probably won't be able to keep the dog. Despite this, Beaver quickly begins to grow close to the little dog.moreless
  • The Perfect Father
    The Perfect Father
    Episode 22
    Ward becomes a bit jealous when Wally and Beaver begin spending time playing basketball at Willie Dennison's house after Willie's dad put up a backboard and a basket. This prompts Ward to do the same thing but it just seems like things are working against him being the perfect father.
  • Cleaning Up Beaver
    Cleaning Up Beaver
    Episode 21
    Wally begins to outgrow his "sloppy" phase and becomes much neater. This is noticed by Ward and June who try to encourage Beaver to undergo the same transformation. However, Beaver changing like that just seems to extraordinary of a task.
  • Lonesome Beaver
    Lonesome Beaver
    Episode 20
    Wally goes away on a trip with the Boy Scout troop that he belongs to, leaving a lonesome Beaver behind. Finding his friends to be busy, Beaver takes up other means to make the time go by.
  • The Bank Account
    The Bank Account
    Episode 19
    Ward tries to teach Wally and Beaver the importance of saving by giving them a piggy bank. The boys quickly save up a handful of change and are all ready to spend it on some baseball equipment. However, unknown to their parents, they change their minds and decide to spend the money on a most unselfish gift.moreless
  • Child Care
    Child Care
    Episode 18
    After Ward's bragging about Wally and Beaver being responsible, Herb and Janet Wilson assume that it would be all right to leave their 4-year old daughter in Wally and Beaver's care while the Wilsons go out to a party with Ward and June. However, the trouble begins when the youngster locks herself in the bathroom.moreless
  • The Paper Route
    The Paper Route
    Episode 17
    Wally and Beaver want to get brand new bike and they ask Ward for some money, however, he suggests that they earn the money. This leads Wally and Beaver to get a job, delivering papers. Later, while trying to help the boys out, Ward and June inadvertently almost get Wally and Beaver fired.moreless
  • Lumpy Rutherford
    Lumpy Rutherford
    Episode 16
    The local bully, Lumpy Rutherford, has been picking on Beaver and Wally and, thanks to a story Ward tells them, decides to play a joke on Lumpy. However, their ploy catches the wrong person, Lumpy's father and Ward's co-worker Fred Rutherford, is caught in the trap.
  • Party Invitation
    Party Invitation
    Episode 15
    Beaver is invited to Linda Dennison's birthday party and quickly discovers that he is the only boy that she invited. Fearing for his reputation, Beaver tries his best to get out of attending but June and Ward are insistent, not aware of the situation Beaver's in.
  • Part Time Genius
    Part Time Genius
    Episode 14
    After taking an IQ test, Beaver scores the highest in his class and Mrs. Rayburn suggests that it would be best if Beaver went to a special school, where his abilities can be challenged. However, little does anyone know, everything is not as it seems.
  • Voodoo Magic
    Voodoo Magic
    Episode 13
    June and Ward make Wally and Beaver promise that they won't go to the movies and see a scary movie. However, Wally and Beaver are talked into seeing it, thanks to Wally's so-called best friend, Eddie Haskell. The movie has quite an influence on Beaver, who makes a voodoo doll, names it Eddie Haskell and sticks it with pins.moreless
  • The Perfume Salesmen
    Wally and Beaver want to win a fancy film projector and in order to get it they have to sell 24 bottles of perfume. However, the appalling aroma of the perfume quickly leads to zero sales and has Ward trying to think up a sales gimmick.
  • Beaver's Short Pants
    When June goes on a trip to visit her sister, Peggy. June's Aunt Martha steps in and stays with Ward and the boys. Ward and the boys do their best not to hurt Martha's feelings but Beaver has the hardest time, when she buys him a suit, kneesocks, a cap and short pants and makes him wear the outfit to school.moreless
  • Wally's Girl Trouble

    Wally and Beaver dread attending dance school, so when suddenly Wally takes a liking in it, June and Ward are dumbfounded. It seems Wally has developed a crush on a girl named Penny and Beaver soon feels neglected and left out when Wally begins spending all his time with Penny.

  • The Clubhouse
    The Clubhouse
    Episode 9
    Wally and his friends build a clubhouse, and Beaver wants to join. Although the dues are $1 for 8th graders, Beaver has to come up with $3 in order to join their club. How can Beaver earn the money?
  • Beaver's Crush
    Beaver's Crush
    Episode 8
    Beaver has a crush on his teacher, Miss Canfield. When Judy, Whitey and Larry tease him for being a 'teacher's pet,' Beaver tries to prove them wrong and places a spring snake in her desk. However, Beaver has second thoughts and becomes determined to remove the snake before she finds it.moreless
  • Water, Anyone?
    Water, Anyone?
    Episode 7
    Wally and his friends are trying to earn enough money to buy baseball uniforms so they put a plan into action by doing their chores at a slow pace in order to maximize their hourly pay. Meanwhile, Beaver, also wanting to be on the team, begins selling water to his family and neighbors.moreless
  • Brotherly Love
    Brotherly Love
    Episode 6
    June has had it with Wally and Beaver's fighting and demands they make a pact to be nice to one another and do things together. However, when each boy gets an invitation for individual social outings, they each attempt to break the pact.
  • New Neighbors
    New Neighbors
    Episode 5
    The Cleavers have new neighbors, the Donaldsons, and June sends Beaver over to welcome them with a vase of flowers. However, when Mrs. Donaldson thanks Beaver by kissing him on the cheek, Beaver becomes convinced that Mr. Donaldson will kill him because he let a married woman kiss him, and it's all thanks to Eddie Haskell, who planted that idea in Beaver's mind.moreless
  • The Haircut
    The Haircut
    Episode 4
    After losing his lunch money for three days in a row, Ward gives Beaver one last chance, by letting him handle his haircut money. However, when he loses that too, Beaver decides to give himself a haircut just days before he's scheduled to be an angel in a play.
  • The Black Eye
    The Black Eye
    Episode 3
    Beaver comes home with a black eye and Ward is upset when he learns that Beaver didn't fight back. This leads Ward to teach Beaver how to defend himself. Little does Ward know, that the person who punched Beaver is a girl not to mention she's Violet Rutherford, the daughter of one of Ward's co-workers.moreless
  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack
    Episode 2
    Beaver and Wally send away for an alligator and they secretly keep it in the bathroom. When the alligator falls ill, the boys get some advice from Captain Jack, an owner of an alligator farm. However, keeping him a secret is going to be hard, the alligator is growing and they need a new place to keep him without June and Ward finding out.moreless
  • Beaver Gets 'Spelled'
    Beaver's teacher, Miss Canfield, sends a note home with Beaver and the other kids convince him that it's news that he's getting kicked out of school. So Beaver and Wally take steps to hide the note from Ward and June.
  • It's a Small World
    Beaver learns he can win a new bike if he collects 1,000 milk bottle caps, so he and Wally set about to win the prize. Unbeknownst to them, the contest is phony, made up by Wally's friend as a joke.