Leave It to Beaver - Season 2

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Most Interesting Character
    Miss Landers assigns Beaver's class to write a short essay about the most interesting character they know. While Judy writes about her dad, Beaver debates over whom he should write about. Beaver finally decides to write about Ward, but Beaver isn't sure if Ward is interesting enough.
  • Found Money
    Found Money
    Episode 38
    Larry invites Beaver to the carnival and tells him that his mother will treat him. However, when Mrs. Mondello refuses to give Larry money, Larry decides to find some. So Larry throws some of his mother's money out the window and when Beaver comes over, Larry pretends as if he's found some money.moreless
  • Beaver the Athlete
    Beaver the Athlete
    Episode 37
    After getting a poor grade in gym class on his report card, Beaver becomes determined to prove to everyone that he is a good athlete, so he signs up to play baseball where it's the boys versus the girls.
  • Forgotten Party
    Forgotten Party
    Episode 36
    An old friend of Beaver's, David Manning, invites him to a birthday party and Beaver promises to attend but as the week passes, Beaver forgets all about it. When the day arrives, June, Ward and Wally scramble to find the Beaver who is spending the day with Larry, wandering around town.moreless
  • The Cookie Fund
    The Cookie Fund
    Episode 35
    Beaver and Larry have been put in charge of the class cookie fund and are taking turns guarding the money. A new kid takes advantage of them and cons Beaver and Larry out of three dollars from the fund.
  • Wally's Haircomb
    Wally's Haircomb
    Episode 34
    Wally begins combing his hair a new way, which was inspired by a fad started by Eddie that has swept his school. However, June and Ward are aghast by his hairdo and June becomes determined to get Wally to change his haircomb back to his normal style.
  • Dance Contest
    Dance Contest
    Episode 33
    Wally gets an invitation to attend a cotillion with Mary Ellen Rogers. At first he wants to turn down the invitation, but then decides to go anyway, despite the fact that Mary Ellen has signed them up to do the cha-cha in a dance contest.
  • Friendship
    Episode 32
    Beaver spends the weekend at Larry's but the first night there they get into a terrible argument and Beaver goes home angry. After Ward tells Beaver a story about Damon and Pythias, Beaver and Larry swear to die for each other. Larry then promptly demands that Beaver give him his homework to prove himself.moreless
  • Beaver's Sweater
    Beaver's Sweater
    Episode 31
    Beaver sees an Eskimo sweater in a store window and becomes determined to get one. He finally convinces Ward and June to get him one, but the first day he wears it he sees Judy Hensler wearing the same sweater.
  • Beaver's Newspaper
    Beaver's Newspaper
    Episode 30
    While cleaning in the garage, Beaver and Wally come across an old typewriter. Beaver decides to fix it up and begin his own newspaper with Larry. However, someone is standing in his way, Wally, who claims the typewriter is his property.
  • Beaver Says Good-bye
    Ward makes an offer on a house located in a neighboring town and Beaver believes moving is going to be a sure thing. This leads him to tell all his classmates that he's moving but when the deal falls through, Beaver must tell his class that he won't be moving after all but they've just thrown him a goodbye party and shoved a handful of presents in his face.moreless
  • Beaver's Hero
    Beaver's Hero
    Episode 28
    Beaver discovers that Ward was in WWII and brags to his classmates that Ward was a war hero. As usual, his classmates don't believe him and Beaver promises to bring in some momentos to prove it. However, at home, Beaver discovers that Ward was an engineer in the war and didn't actually fight in combat, thus leaving Beaver to take drastic measures so as not to look like a fool in front of his classmates.moreless
  • A Horse Named Nick
    A Horse Named Nick
    Episode 27
    Beaver and Wally get jobs at the circus cleaning the animals and a promise to each be paid $10.00 at the end of the week. However, the end of the week comes and there is no ten dollars in sight, instead Beaver and Wally become the proud owners of a horse named Nicholas and they hide him in the garage.moreless
  • Price of Fame
    Price of Fame
    Episode 26
    While staying after school, cleaning the chalkboards, Larry convinces Beaver that Mrs. Rayburn keeps a spanking machine in her closest in her office. Later, a curious Beaver sneaks a peek but soon finds himself locked in the principal's office. Beaver's fame doesn't go over well with his family but Beaver has another problem on his hands, he's just gotten his head stuck in an iron fence in the park.moreless
  • Beaver and Gilbert
    Beaver and Gilbert
    Episode 25
    The Cleavers have new neighbors in the Gates family and Beaver befriends their son, Gilbert Gates (his last name was suddenly changed to Bates in a later episode). However, Ward, June and Wally quickly realize the obvious when Beaver comes home with all kinds of wild stories that Gilbert has told and that Beaver is convinced are true.moreless
  • The Bus Ride
    The Bus Ride
    Episode 24
    June and Ward allow Wally to escort Beaver on a bus to a friend's house headed for Crystal Falls. However, on one of the stops, Beaver inadvertently gets on the wrong bus, a bus that takes him back to Mayfield.
  • The Haunted House
    The Haunted House
    Episode 23
    Beaver and Larry become convinced that the Cooper house is haunted by a witch and Beaver and Larry are scared to death. So when June gets Beaver a job walking Mrs. Cooper's dog, Beaver's fear gets the best of him.
  • Beaver Gets Adopted
    Beaver Gets Adopted
    Episode 22
    Wally wins a trophy at school and Beaver accidentally breaks it. This leads Ward to accuse Beaver of being jealous of Wally and that he broke it on purpose. Upset, Beaver decides to get new parents and heads to an adoption agency.
  • The Tooth
    The Tooth
    Episode 21
    Beaver learns he has to go to the dentist and that's when his friends tell him some horror stories about the drill, the dentist is going to use. This prompts Beaver to become downright scared of going to the dentist.
  • Beaver's Pigeons
    Beaver's Pigeons
    Episode 20
    Beaver, Larry and Whitey begin a pigeon club and they each purchase pigeons of their own. Beaver names his two, Miss Canfield and Miss Landers, after his two teachers. However, when Beaver comes down with chicken pox, Wally is forced into caring for them, but soon finds Beaver isn't the only one ill, Miss Canfield and Miss Landers are also ailing.moreless
  • Wally's Pug Nose
    Wally's Pug Nose
    Episode 19
    When the new girl, Gloria, tells Wally that he has a pug nose, he becomes incredibly self-conscious and purchases a contraption that is suppose to give him a strong Roman nose. When Ward discovers the device, he gives him a pep talk which just makes matters worse.
  • The Garage Painters
    The Garage Painters
    Episode 18
    A lazy weekend leads Ward to direct Wally and Beaver to read a book, Tom Sawyer. The book influences them so much that they take on the job of painting the garage doors. However, they soon find the job to be awfully boring and messy. Chaos erupts when neighbor, Bengie Bellamy stops by wanting to help.moreless
  • Beaver Plays Hooky
    Beaver Plays Hooky
    Episode 17
    Larry and Beaver find themselves tardy for the third time this week and decide to skip altogether. However, they quickly find themselves being caught when they inadvertently walk on the set of a live TV show.
  • The Boat Builders
    The Boat Builders
    Episode 16
    Wally, Chester and Tooey are building their own boat and plan to sail on it, despite Ward and June's forbidding Wally. Once at the lake, Beaver is the only one small enough to get in it and once on the water, the boat tips over leaving a soaked Beaver behind. However, it's trying to keep their afternoon of boating a secret from Ward and June, that's really going to wipe Wally and Beaver out.moreless
  • The Grass is Always Greener
    Beaver and Wally make friends with the garbage man's kids, Chris and Pete. They quickly learn that they take for granted what they have. Simple things like just having a yard to play in leave Chris and Pete in awe.
  • Wally's Present
    Wally's Present
    Episode 14
    Wally's birthday has him deciding to have a birthday party but Beaver jumps to the conclusion that he won't be invited. While shopping for Wally's present, Larry talks Beaver into spending his money on a bow and arrow set for himself and buy a cheap gift for Wally.
  • Happy Weekend
    Happy Weekend
    Episode 13
    Ward takes June and the boys away on a trip to a cabin in hopes of experiencing the "great outdoors." However, as he quickly discovers, getting away from today's modern conveniences will be more difficult then he anticipated.
  • The Visiting Aunts
    The Visiting Aunts
    Episode 12
    Beaver and Wally are all excited about going to the carnival, however, Aunt Martha throw a wrench in their plans when she makes an unexpected visit with a friend of hers, forcing Wally and Beaver to count the hours away, hoping she will leave soon enough so they can still go to the carnival.moreless
  • School Play
    School Play
    Episode 11
    A school play has Beaver and his classmates assigned parts and Beaver is assigned the role of a canary. However, he doesn't seem to be graceful enough to fly around like a bird. To make matters worse, on the night of the play, Ward's words of encouragement lead to Beaver coming down with a case of stage fright.moreless
  • Wally's New Suit
    Wally's New Suit
    Episode 10
    Wally needs a new suit for an upcoming dance and he convinces his parents that he's old enough to pick out his own clothes. So he and Beaver go down to the shop and pick out the loudest, cheapest plaid suit in the entire shop.
  • The Pipe
    The Pipe
    Episode 9
    Ward receives an antique pipe as a gift from Fred Rutherford and a curious Larry and Beaver decide to try it out. First they use coffee but then they try tobacco. When Ward discovers someone has used the pipe, he jumps to the conclusion that Wally is the culprit.
  • The Shave
    The Shave
    Episode 8
    When Eddie and some of his other friends brag about shaving, Wally decides it's time he try. After nicking his face, Ward tries to discourage him but this just leads Wally to continue to shave. When Ward catches him again, he scolds him right in front of Eddie which leads to Wally being made fun of.moreless
  • Beaver's Ring
    Beaver's Ring
    Episode 7
    Being Beaver's godmother, Aunt Martha sends him a gift of a ring that had once belonged to an uncle who was also named Theodore. June cautions Beaver that she doesn't want him taking it to school, but he sneaks off to school with it anyway. This leads to a confrontation between his peers that ends with him getting the ring stuck on his finger.moreless
  • Her Idol
    Her Idol
    Episode 6
    Beaver becomes good friends with a classmate, Linda Dennison. However, their relationship is blown out of proportion by Beaver's classmates who begin to tease him and goad him into insulting Linda, to prove that she isn't his girl.
  • The Lost Watch
    The Lost Watch
    Episode 5
    While watching Wally and his friends play baseball, Beaver is put in charge of looking after everyone's coats and watches. However, after the game is over Lumpy comes to claim his watch, but Beaver has no watch to give him.
  • Beaver and Chuey
    Beaver and Chuey
    Episode 4
    Beaver makes a new friend in Chuey Varella but he only speaks Spanish. So Beaver asks Eddie, who has taken Spanish, for some help but Eddie plays a joke on Beaver by feeding him a sentence in Spanish which ultimately insults Chuey.
  • Ward's Problem
    Ward's Problem
    Episode 3
    Ward must make a decision when a conflict develops concerning which son to spend the weekend with. He can either go on a fishing trip with Wally or take Beaver on a father-son weekend. Thinking Ward is going to go fishing with Wally, Beaver makes up a wild story when his classmates start to tease him.moreless
  • Eddie's Girl
    Eddie's Girl
    Episode 2
    A school dance has Eddie swooning over his so-called "girl," Caroline. However, it's obvious Eddie has made up their relationship when Wally and him visit her and she instantly becomes smitten with Wally.
  • Beaver's Poem
    Beaver's Poem
    Episode 1
    Beaver comes to Ward for help on the night before a poetry assignment is due. This prompts Ward to totally take over the project and writes the whole poem himself. Things get complicated when Beaver wins an award for the poem and Ward is faced with explaining the truth to Beaver's principal.moreless