Leave It to Beaver - Season 3

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Beaver's Team
    Episode 39
    While coaching Beaver's football team, Wally makes up a secret play and Beaver just happens to mention it to Penny who inadvertently passes it on to the opposing team.
  • 6/18/60
    The last day of school has each one of Miss Landers' students bringing her a gift. June orders some nice handkerchiefs for the gift and a slip for herself. Beaver mistakes the slip as the gift for Miss Landers and debates on whether or not to give her this very "personal" gift.moreless
  • Wally's Play
    Episode 37
    Wally has joined an all male club at school and learns that they are putting on a play and he's not too happy when he learns that the part he's supposed to play is that of a chorus girl. Later, Beaver and Gilbert make matters worse when they stumble upon Wally's costume, a dress.moreless
  • Beaver and Ivanhoe
    Episode 36
    Assigned to read one more book before the end of the school year, Ward suggests Ivanhoe, and Beaver reads it and takes the ideas of knighthood and chivalry to heart. He begins defending girls and begins charging his friends to make them knights.
  • 5/28/60
    Wally gets a job selling Igloo ice cream and quickly finds himself giving credit to everyone, including Eddie. However, as the day approaches that his money is to be collected, Wally scrambles to get those who owe him money, to pay up.
  • Beaver, the Model
    Episode 34
    Beaver sends his picture in to a modeling agency and they reply with a letter stating they will place his photo in a modeling directory. Soon after Beaver receives another letter this time asking for $30 and when Beaver ignores it, the company threatens legal action.
  • The Spot Removers
    Episode 33
    For an upcoming dance, Wally is ready to wear a grey suit but when Beaver brings his new friend Richard over to the house, he accidentally spills oil on it, leaving a big stain. This leads Richard and Beaver to try to bleach the stain out with disastrous results. Beaver finds himself with another problem, when later, Eddie discovers what Beaver is hiding from Wally.moreless
  • Beaver and Violet
    Episode 32
    Beaver finds himself in a most uncomfortable situation when Fred Rutherford practically plays matchmaker and pairs Beaver up with his daughter Violet. Fred organizes a picnic and invites the Cleavers which is where the situation culminates into Beaver getting kissed by Violet.
  • 4/30/60
    Beaver must write a composition about his mother but soon finds himself the only one with a seemingly "boring" mother while Richard, Larry and Judy have colorful mothers. Beaver decides to make his mother colorful too even if it means making up things.
  • 4/23/60
    Beaver and Larry find a wallet that contains $89 while on their way to the grocery store to pick up some groceries for June. Surprisingly, Beaver and Larry decide to turn it in at the police station and Beaver finds himself waiting an agonizing week to see if he can keep the money.moreless
  • Beaver's Monkey
    Episode 29
    Beaver wants a pet and Ward and June object to his latest one, a mouse. They tell him they can have a sensible pet, so when Beaver and Larry see an ad at the market giving away a free monkey, Beaver jumps at the chance and Ward and June find their house the new home for Stanley, the Monkey.moreless
  • Ward's Baseball
    Episode 28
    Ward's cherished autographed baseball becomes the object that Larry and Beaver just can't keep their hands off of. They decide to play catch with it and it ends up getting run over by a truck.
  • Wally's Orchid
    Episode 27
    Wally asks out a rich girl who drops hints that she would like an orchid for her corsage. Wally quickly discovers that getting one is going to be more difficult then he originally thought.
  • Beaver's Bike
    Episode 26
    Beaver asks his parents if he could ride his new bike to school instead of ride the bus, and after some hesitating they finally agree to it. However, on the first day, a naive Beaver gets his bike stolen.
  • Wally and Alma
    Episode 25
    After drawing Alma's name for a school picnic, Wally finds himself meeting her parents and her mother takes an immediate liking to Wally and begins setting him and Alma up on numerous dates then turns around and accuses Wally of monopolizing Alma's time.
  • The Hypnotist
    Episode 24
    After seeing someone being hypnotized in a movie, Beaver sets out to do the same but Eddie wants to play a trick on Beaver and pretends Beaver has hypnotized him and Beaver gets scared when Eddie doesn't snap out of the trance.
  • School Sweater
    Episode 23
    Wally lends his school sweater to Frances and quickly finds getting it back is going to be difficult since the girl keeps making up excuses. Things reach a boiling point when Ward and June overhear Frances bragging to her friends how Wally is chasing after her.
  • Larry's Club
    Episode 22
    Larry is furious when Beaver leaves him out when he joins a club called the Bloody Five. To get revenge, Larry makes up a story that he is starting his own club and that people are waiting in line to join. This prompts Beaver to resign from the Bloody Five and he tries to join Larry's bogus club.moreless
  • Beaver's Dance
    Episode 21
    Both Beaver and Larry are forced into attending dancing school by their parents and after one lesson, they find that they absolutely detest it, like they knew they would. This prompts them to skip class next time and they hide out behind a barn until it's time to go home.
  • Beaver and Andy
    Episode 20
    An old acquaintance of Ward's stops by and offers to paint the trim on the house. However, June and Ward are both apprehensive about the prospect of an alcoholic coming in contact with Wally and Beaver, despite the fact that he says he's cleaned himself up.
  • Wally's Election
    Episode 19
    Eddie nominates Wally for class president and Wally has no interest in the position, that is until Ward gives him some encouragement. Wally quickly gets wrapped up in the election and his friends see a change in him, a change that prompts them to vote against him.
  • 1/30/60
    Ward allows Beaver to check out a book on his library card but when Beaver loses the book he becomes convinced that Ward will be put in jail, thanks to Eddie Haskell's wiseguy comments.
  • Wally's Test
    Episode 17
    An upcoming test in history, Wally's weakest subject, has Wally studying all weekend and has Lumpy and Eddie coming up with a plan that will give them good grades on the test.
  • Pet Fair
    Episode 16
    A pet fair at school has Beaver feeling left out since he doesn't have a pet, but he tells everyone he does, a parrot. Meanwhile, Ward tries to find a pet for Beaver and buys him a hamster.
  • Larry Hides Out
    Episode 15
    While Beaver is staying at the Mondellos, Larry sneaks a peak at his sister's diary and his mother discovers him and yells at him right in front of Beaver. This prompts Larry to run away, to Beaver's house, who secretly hides him in his bathroom.
  • Tire Trouble
    Episode 14
    Beaver wants to raise chinchillas and begins building a cage in the garage. However, when Beaver changes his mind, Ward tries his best to get Wally and Beaver the clean the mess up in the garage. Things get worse, when Ward unknowingly runs over some of the wood and nails that Beaver left laying around with the car, causing the boys to try to patch a flat tire before Ward finds out.moreless
  • June's Birthday
    Episode 13
    June's birthday has Wally and Beaver fighting over what to buy with the five dollars that Ward gave them. Wally buys her a wallet while Beaver buys an ugly blouse that June kindly thanks him for, but she has a hard time bringing herself to wear it.
  • Beaver the Magician
    Episode 12
    Beaver buys a common magic trick but is disappointed by everyone's "that's nice" reaction, but he gets a totally different reaction out of Bengie when Larry and Beaver convince him that Beaver has been turned into a rock.
  • Beaver Makes a Loan
    Episode 11
    Ward loans Beaver 25 cents but gives him a dollar, expecting 75 cents as change. However, Larry manages to convince Beaver to loan him the 75 cents and when Larry doesn't pay him back, when he said he was going to, a feud erupts.
  • Beaver's Fortune
    Episode 10
    Beaver has his fortune read by a machine and becomes convinced nothing but good luck is headed his way. However, he doesn't feel that way when Larry sets it up so that Beaver will have to fight a 5th grader, Sonny Cartwright.
  • 11/28/59
    Beaver gets a surprise when June invites Miss Landers over for dinner and Larry convinces him that something bad might happen. This leads Beaver to become a nervous wreck and tries to make sure his parents don't do anything to embarrass him. Meanwhile, Larry charges a quarter to anyone who wants to spy on Miss Landers eating dinner at the Cleavers.moreless
  • Beaver's Tree
    Episode 8
    While his class is reciting a poem about trees, Beaver remembers a tree that Ward had given him for his birthday when they lived at their old house. Wanting "his" tree back, Beaver and Larry go to Beaver's old home and promptly dig it up.
  • Borrowed Boat
    Episode 7
    Larry and Beaver spend the day at lake which is where they encounter two kids who let them borrow their boat. However, little do Larry and Beaver know that the boat is stolen.
  • 11/7/59
    Ward saves an old pedometer from being thrown out and gives it to Beaver, but not before telling him a story about when he was a kid he would walk 20 miles a day. Taking the story literally, Beaver makes a bet with Whitey that he too can walk 20 miles in a day.moreless
  • Baby Picture
    Episode 5
    Beaver's class holds a "Most Beautiful Baby" contest and each student is supposed to bring in a baby picture. To make the deadline, June picks out a cute picture of Beaver at the last minute and sends it to Miss Landers, not realizing that the cute picture may cause Beaver embarrassment.moreless
  • Beaver's Prize
    Episode 4
    After leaving the cap off the ink, Beaver is grounded to the house for a whole day after the ink ruined some of Ward's papers. However, Larry and Beaver sneak out to the movies and when Beaver wins a bike, he must find a way to keep it a secret from his parents.moreless
  • School Bus
    Episode 3
    A new school year has the bus service being extended to those students living in town. However, after not even a week, Beaver gets suspended from riding the bus after getting into a fight.
  • 10/10/59
    Ward and June allow Wally to babysit Beaver one evening, while they attend a party. However, things go awry when Beaver gets ready to take a bath he accidentally lets the bathtub overflow causing the water to leak onto the bathroom floor and into the downstairs ceiling.
  • 10/3/59
    Wally becomes the chairman of the blind date committee for an upcoming dance. However, Wally quickly wants to resign from the position when he can't find anyone to go with the new girl, Jill Bartlett.