Leave It to Beaver

Season 6 Episode 26

Uncle Billy's Visit

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1963 on ABC



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    • Beaver: Well, gee, Uncle Billy, I didn't do anything so terrible. All I did was help a guy get in the movies.
      Uncle Billy: I'm not saying it's the first time it ever happened. When I was a kid, I crawled under my share of circus tents. But it's the setup of the thing that gets me hot under the collar.
      Beaver: The setup?
      Uncle Billy: Yeah! Your mother and father went away on a weekend. They left me here in charge. Now I tried to make it fun for you boys. I let you do as you want, come and go as you want. And I trusted you. But you took me for some kind of a pushover. Thought you could get away with anything.
      Beaver: But, gee, Uncle Billy, I ...
      Uncle Billy: Don't Uncle Billy me, and don't give me any more of your lame excuses. Young man, you go up to your room! I'm very disappointed in you!

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