Leave It to Beaver

Season 2 Episode 34

Wally's Haircomb

Aired Unknown May 21, 1959 on ABC

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  • June freaks out big time

    The name June Cleaver has become synonymous with the idea of the perfect 1950s-era wife and mother. However, in this episode, she embodies an uglier side of the 50s; the way many view it in hindsight- repressive and conformist.

    Wally begins styling his hair in a somewhat offbeat manner in order to fit in with the popular crowd, and judging by June's extreme overreaction, you'd think this was the most disgraceful tragedy that could have ever befallen the Cleaver family. Ward is none too thrilled with Wally's new look either, but he doesn't see a slightly unusual haircut as the end of the world. He tells June that it wouldn't be fair of them to risk Wally's social standing by forcing him to eschew this latest fad, which will likely pass quickly enough anyway. June is unable to let it go, however, and continues to make a bigger mountain out of this molehill by entreating Wally's principal to enforce a ban on this particular hairstyle. Fortunately, the principal is not a crazy person and basically mirrors Ward's laid back attitude.

    When my Mom was a teenager in the 60s, she had a principal June Cleaver would have loved. This guy marched several of my mother's male classmates to the barber shop just because their hair was an inch or two too long for his liking. This incident apparently caused some small outrage in the community.

    All this nonsense over hair! Boy, I bet June was an absolute delight in the following decades, clucking her tongue disapprovingly over every new societal change. Can you just imagine her reaction to the hippie movement or the punk movement? I bet if Beaver tried becoming a hippie when he got older, June would have locked him in the basement. She probably died from a brain hemorrhage after catching a glimpse of her first mohawk.

    The straw that breaks the camel's back is when Beaver attempts to emulate Wally's hairstyle. Furious, June marches upstairs to tell Wally just what she thinks of his hair and orders him to change it back. Now, anybody who has teenagers or was a teenager themselves for that matter knows that the normal teen would not respond too favorably to a parent dictating fashion to them, but this is Leave it to Beaver, after all. So, instead of getting upset, a slightly stunned Wally just shrugs and gamely agrees to put his hair back to normal. On top of that, he even thanks his mother for letting him know he was doing something If you ask me, the only creepy one in this episode was June.