Leave It to Niecy

Sunday 12:00 AM on TLC Premiered Mar 25, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Empty Nesting
      Episode 8
      Niecy lands a role in a sitcom pilot, Dominic wants to launch his own acting career and Donielle is thinking about college. As the kids start to move on, Niecy braces herself for an empty nest.
    • Unbeweavable
      Episode 7
      Niecy struggles with her two daughters when the younger one is growing up too fast and the older one won't leave the nest.
    • 0.0
      For his 20th birthday, Dominic wants to get a tattoo with his father, but Niecy is against it. Meanwhile Jay learns the kids think he's corny.
    • Merry Mitzvah!
      Episode 5
      It's Christmas time and Niecy wants to start some new holiday traditions. But perhaps the most holiday cheer will come to Miss Margaret when she receives the gift she's been wanting most... a man.
    • 8.0
      Feeling like her family is suffering from an addiction to cell phones and computers, Niecy decides to ban technology and take the family on a vacation up in the mountains.
    • Addicted to Love
      Episode 3
      Niecy's twelve-year old daughter Dia is obsessed with boys so Niecy decides the best remedy is to find Dia a new hobby. Meanwhile Niecy wants to celebrate her six-month wedding anniversary.
    • Bok Choy
      Episode 2
      Niecy is on a mission to get her family eating healthy, but with three teenagers who think pop tarts are nutritious, and a Grandma who cooks everything fried in grease and dipped in gravy, it won't be easy.
    • You Need a Daddy
      Episode 1
      Niecy tries to force her kids to bond with her new husband, but the kids are sick of their mother forcing them into awkward situations. Meanwhile Niecy's mother wants to start dating again and Niecy must decide if she is willing to help find her a man.
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