Leaving L.A.

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • great drama, with some lighter moments. Set in the Los Angeles county morgue.

    Great show! Cancelled too soon. I still remember it fondly. Its where I first got a crush on Christopher Meloni. LOVED the theme song, in fact, I have it recorded on audio tape and listen to it in the car often.
    Also enjoyed Melina Kanakaredes and Hilary Swank in this show. I woild like to see it released on dvd. **this review is less than one hundred words, but I don\'t know what else to say. um, twenty more words to go before I can hit submit. Rats, that was only like, ten words. five more words to go. thanks.
  • A breath of fresh air...even in the morgue.

    This was by far the best show to ever grace the airwaves. The characters were funny, touching, and believable.

    I wish they would bring back this show and or put it on DVD.

    Thanks cast and crew for making a quality show, only wish it did not already leave L.A.