Legacy of the Silver Shadow

Network Ten (ended 2003)


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Legacy of the Silver Shadow

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What would happen if you are suddenly superhero crimefighters? Legacy of the Silver Shadow follows the adventures of a group of school kids, when they stumble on the hidden lair of a 1950s crimefighter - The Silver Shadow - who now no longer exists. Through contact with the computer programmed with the ex-crimefighter's personality, they are introduced to his hidden secrets. In the process, the Shadow's old arch enemy "The Crab" (who now is in a retirement village) has recruited his grand niece to reclaim his evil empire. The new recruits must face this mastermind and bring him to justice for destroying "The Shadow" ... and you thought teenagers had problems? ================ Company credits: Production Companies * Darestar * Ponderosa Productions ======================== Release dates: Australia -- 8 November 2002