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Set in 1880's Kentucky, the Irish-American Logan family struggles with the trials and tribulations of life with a courageous spirit. Led by their widower father Ned, the four children, along with their newly adopted brother Jeremy, try to find their way through the world and learn that family is the most important thing to survive in life.
The series was filmed on location in Richmond, Charles City and Petersburg, in the state of Virginia, USA.
The theme song of Legacy was entitled The Mummers Dance by Loreena McKennitt.
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  • A solid show, good acting, decent plotlines, amazing scenery, and an outstanding soundtrack

    Perhaps a country where the northeast dominates the culture couldn't appreciate a show about Irish Americans living in the south. Otherwise, I can't understand why this didn't last longer. The music alone was worth tuning in for. But I enjoyed the show all around, for the plots and the good acting, but also, as a historian, I enjoyed seeing a representation of the post-Civil War era. Of course, one might question if it was accurate that southern American upper class horse farmers would be that progressive towards African Americans, but the answer is, it is very possible. This family remembers that only a generation ago, they were among the lower class of society, and the hard work of their ancestor enabled them to move up and obtain a good life. This is a recurring theme in American history, and despite the overwhelming racism of the south at this time, there were certainly good people who knew better. Plus, the south didn't pass laws banning interracial marriage because no one attempted to marry someone of another race. So the relationship between the older brother and his father's secretary is quite possible.

    It's a shame this show didn't last, because so many shows take place in major cities, and deal with urban issues, and it was nice to see another part of our country represented. America's strength is her diversity, and TV still has a long way to go to represent that.