Legend of Himiko

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)


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Legend of Himiko

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The Legend of Himiko is based off of the Playstation game by the same name, despite the game being released after the anime first aired.

The show follows Himiko, who learns that in the past a nation of Yamatai was once under threat from the overseas kingdom of Kune. In an attempt to hold off an invasion, the people of Yamatai attempt to install a Queen to rule over their kingdom, which is to be chosen by the mysterious Bokka. However, the Kune army attacks Yamatai before the selection of the Queen can be completed, and the Bokka disperse the six queen candidates across the nation.

The Bokka themselves take shelter. Then Himiko is born and the pendant she is wearing transports her to modern times, where she is found by Masahiko Kutani. The two attend high school together. When both are on an archeological dig, Himiko's pendant activates, sending both back into ancient Japan where they are found by Imari, one of the queen candidates, and Iga within Kune's place in Yamatai, three years after Kune's initial attack.



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