Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 36

A New Dawn

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1994 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Three distinguished guests are returning to Camelot after long absences: Princess Aleta, who has consented to marry Valiant; King Hugo, who resents the prince's attentions to his daughter; and Sir Mordred, whom the people consider a national hero. King Arthur has reluctantly invited Mordred back to the castle in order to publicly recognize his success in negotiating peace with the Vikings. Lord Maldon, also secretly back in Camelot, is busy capitalizing on his leader's renewed popularity with the people in order to push forward (with the help his follower Allen) the agenda of the New Dawn. Before leaving, Mordred argues with the wary king about their different views of Camelot's ideals and informs his former friend that he soon intends to take the kingdom by force. Meanwhile, Hugo blatantly refuses Valiant's request for his daughter's hand, prompting the rash and angry prince to threaten the king while Aleta solemnly listens from her room down the hall. Two tragedies orchestrated by Mordred occur later that night: a fire lit by Maldon and Allen breaks out in some farms near the castle at the same time that a masked Knight of the Round Table (whom the viewer later sees is Sir Kay) murders Hugo in his bedchamber. King Arthur, Valiant, Gawain, and Aleta lead the efforts to put out the fire and calm the angry Camelotian farmer who blames his foreign neighbor for starting the blaze. Suddenly Guinevere rushes into the fields with the news of Hugo's death; the grief-stricken princess immediately accuses Valiant for carrying out his threat. A chambermaid's testimony further condemns Valiant in the eyes of his fiancée even though the old woman could not clearly identify the knight who left Hugo's room. Arthur's attempt to reason with the princess only prompts her to denounce the king's empty sense of justice and ally herself with Mordred. Utterly heartbroken at losing Aleta, Valiant demands to know why Arthur and Merlin refuse to take any measures to find the real killer and clear his name. In truth, they mean to lull Mordred and his followers (including the unknown knight) into a false sense of security in an effort to learn their plans and identities. But they do not tell Valiant this, forcing the prince to defy orders and Arn's advice by leaving Camelot to make Mordred confess.
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