Legend of Prince Valiant

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  • Season 2
    • The Hinge of Fate
      The Hinge of Fate
      Episode 39
      The battle with Mordred's forces is fast approaching and things do not look good for our heroes. Aleta and her army could offer Camelot the support it currently lacks from its people, but only if Lord Maldon does not act on his suspicions of the Queen of the Misty Isles. Meanwhile, Allen returns to the Chapel of the Sword and the Stone and uncovers far more than he was sent to find. Could his discovery save the New Order from oblivion, or are Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, and their army doomed to be crushed by Mordred's superior numbers?moreless
    • The Gathering Storm
      Mordred's army is only two days from the castle and outnumbers Camelot's forces three to one. This leaves Valiant with the dual tasks of fortifying his soldiers for a bloody battle and convincing the fleeing populace that all hope did not die with Arthur. The surprise reappearance of Lady Morgana does little to ease our hero's troubled state of mind. Especially after she hands him solid proof identifying the knight who is even now plotting to cripple the command structure of Camelot's army.moreless
    • The Death of Arthur
      Lord Maldon and his follower Allen have stepped up their efforts to generate civil unrest between foreigners and native Camelotians. One of their schemes forces Valiant to return to Camelot for the sake of an injured loved one. Once home, he learns that King Arthur intends on taking advantage of the upcoming Sword and the Stone Celebration to set in motion a plan to help combat Mordred's forces. What shocks the prince, the queen, and the other Knights of the Round Table about this plan is that their king must die for it to succeed.moreless
    • A New Dawn
      A New Dawn
      Episode 36
      Princess Aleta and King Hugo's visit to Camelot shortly precedes Sir Mordred's triumphant return from King Olaf's court. Lord Maldon has also arrived to continue stirring up trouble between native Camelotians and their foreign neighbors. Tensions mount between Arthur and Mordred over their long-held philosophical differences and Hugo and Valiant over Aleta's future. In such a heated environment, one spark is all that's needed to send everyone spiraling out in different directions - all for Mordred's benefit.moreless
    • The Ghost
      The Ghost
      Episode 35

      A convocation of the world's greatest scholars is being held in Camelot under Merlin's direction. The wizard's pleasure at the wonderful turnout turns to fear when he spots a face from a past event he has long kept hidden from Arthur. His terror at being exposed causes him to shun virtually everyone at the celebration, including his old friend The Mighty Om. But a series of mysterious accidents may force Merlin to confess his greatest shame to preserve the safety of those he loves.

    • A Light in the Dark
      Valiant is directly advised against returning to Camelot via a dangerous route through the Great Swamp. But the prince is far too curious about the "great evil" that lives there to pass up the chance to investigate. Arn and Rowanne soon wish he had heeded the warning as they are all attacked by creatures out of a nightmare. In fact, that's just where they've landed themselves - in a nightmare world that is controlled by an old enemy.moreless
    • The Ring of Truth
      The Ring of Truth
      Episode 33
      War is brewing between Northland and Grafton, both of whom have signed treaties with Camelot and expect the kingdom to send its armies to help. King Arthur refuses to choose between his allies until he knows the cause of the trouble. He makes arrangements for the trio to find a diplomatic solution to the problem, not knowing that the rulers of Northland and Grafton both lack a clear sense of what is going on. There is an outside force orchestrating this unrest; this force is determined to use our heroes' deaths to ensure that Camelot gets swept into a war it cannot win.moreless
    • The Song of Valor
      The Song of Valor
      Episode 32
      Our heroes perform a daring rescue upon encountering two monks being robbed by a band of brigands. Arn actually deserves the most credit but, as usual, makes light of his heroics out of low self-esteem. He is put to the test when Rowanne is kidnapped and he and Valiant must venture into a trap to save her. Circumstances soon force Arn to face his self-doubt and the forces of the Duke of Lionsgate alone.moreless
    • The Sage
      The Sage
      Episode 31
      The time has come for Rowanne to face King Arthur and ask for forgiveness. She has her chance in Northland in the days preceding Michael's coronation, but she gets distracted by Michael's attentions to her. The future king should be paying more attention to Selena and the threat she poses to his reign. It's up to Valiant and Merlin to keep an eye on the cunning sage and see that the coronation goes as planned.moreless
    • The Burning Bridge
      The Burning Bridge
      Episode 30
      King Arthur is determined to make the journey to Northland and attend Michael's coronation despite the danger along the way. He assigns Valiant the dual tasks of preparing the security measures for the journey and delivering a personal message to Rowanne. Unfortunately, Rowanne made it quite clear after recent events that she wants nothing to do with either Valiant or Camelot. Still, both Valiant and Arn pray for the best as they ride to Bridgeford, leaving Sir Bryant to lead the garrison right into an ambush.moreless
    • The Aurora
      The Aurora
      Episode 29
      An unexpected death the day before a royal christening seems to signal the approach of some great calamity. That calamity comes when Merlin is kidnapped while under Rowanne's protection. Very rapidly, Rowanne begins feeling isolated from everyone she trusts as accusations from the people of Northland are thrown at her. How she responds to the situation could end her future at Camelot as well as her relationships with Valiant and Arn.moreless
    • The Spirit of Valor
      Guinevere's goddaughter Celeste, the sole ruler of Velfort, is going to be married to King Aramis of Aquatian. Only the trio accompanies Arthur and Guinevere dispite the fact that Aramis was formerly an enemy of Camelot. Once again, Arn is nervous to be amongst so many noble guests at the wedding. When Celeste's cousin Claudio suggests he try some "liquid courage," Arn accepts the offer with disasterous results.moreless
    • The Eyes of the Serpent

      A recurring nightmare involving a golden serpent has the prince worried about his future and the safety of Camelot. Merlin tries to reassure him that some dreams are just dreams and sends him on a mission to see The Mighty Om. While there, Valiant's dream grows more vivid and deadly - he can feel that something bad is coming. What eventually does come threatens Camelot as well as a lovely young woman Valiant meets.

    • The Shadows of Destiny
      Valiant and Rowanne stumble over a book written by Merlin that describes future events. The two friends are determined to challenge destiny by changing the tragic outcome of an entry dated two days in the future. Their journey takes them to the ruins of a kingdom suspicious of outsiders and long hostile towards Camelot. But with the fate of their kingdom depending on their success, the young heroes will stop at nothing to ensure its light of hope does not go out.moreless
    • The Vision
      The Vision
      Episode 25
      All Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, Dennis, and Merlin want to do is attend the nearby Spring Festival in peace. But one disaster after another befalls them on what should be a simple journey. The minor inconveniences eventually escalate into serious danger when the unarmed group wanders into a nortoriously lawless area. An abnormally tense Valiant grows angry at Dennis for inventing childish schemes to solve their problems - as it turns out, one of those dreams holds the key to their salvation.moreless
    • The Hero
      The Hero
      Episode 24
      Raymond of Longport, the mightiest tournament fighter in the land, is the object of hero-worship amongst all who've heard of him. This includes Dennis, who's trembling with excitement at the prospect of seeing him while accompanying the trio on a mission in Longport. Valiant alone finds Raymond unappealing after he sees the fighter abuse his fame at a local tavern. Arn and Rowanne attribute Valiant's dislike to jealousy over Dennis, but it's not long before Raymond gives everyone cause for alarm.moreless
    • The Blackest Poison
      The neighboring kingdom of Velquin would make a powerful ally for Camelot, so Arthur and Guinevere decide to meet with King Edward to discuss the matter. While Edward appears to be open to embracing the ideals of the New Order, his sister Sadisa is a firm believer in her people's tradition of conquest. This tense and delicate situation grows profoundly worse when Arthur is poisoned during dinner. Can Guinevere continue the peace talks while her husband is dying and the knights are ready to wage war?moreless
    • The Treaty
      The Treaty
      Episode 22
      Troubles with the Vikings have been growing steadily worse this past spring. King Arthur decides that he must finally make a direct effort to form a peace treaty with King Olaf in order to stop the loss of life and property. But this delicate mission begins on a ominous note when he discovers that an item critical to its success has been stolen. It's one bad turn after another as Valiant and the others journey to the north during a time of great unrest in their kingdom.moreless
    • The Jubilee
      The Jubilee
      Episode 21
      The kingdom of Arcadia, a longtime ally of Camelot, is celebrating a Silver Jubilee in honor of Queen Eleanora's twenty-five year reign. Guinevere is positively giddy at the prospect of being reunited with her oldest and dearest friend after ten long years. The two women pick up their friendship right where they left off and devote most of the festivities to catching up. This joyous reunion turns sour when the trio reveals to the queen exactly what Eleanora has been up to in the years they've been separated.moreless
    • The Walls of Tyranny
      King Ian of Kengary has been killed in the middle of his campaign against the McGrath clan. Duncan Draconarius - Ian's trusted friend and advisor - cannot hope to continue the war and avenge his king's death until the subject of Ian's succession is settled. A peace delegation led by Sir Valiant is sent to Kengary to help straighten up the mess and determine whether Camelot should send military aid to its ally. Unfortunately, all is not solved even when a new ruler is abuptly decided upon.moreless
    • The Parting
      The Parting
      Episode 19
      Trouble is brewing in Christendon in the form of a secret rebellion among soldiers loyal to Sir Mordred's philosophy. King Arthur, aware of this threat, advises Valiant to watch himself around Aleta since she may pose a threat to Camelot. The prince, once sure of Aleta's feelings and loyalties, finds himself doubting the princess when he learns that she intends to sail back to the Misty Isles. His efforts to find proof of her true affiliation leads him right to the inner circle of Christendon's traitorous rebellion.moreless
    • The Rescue
      The Rescue
      Episode 18
      Still reeling from the events of the past few days, Valiant requests permission to be sent on a mission that will take him away from Camelot for awhile. The king dispatches him to the Hinterland to help Sir Gawain investigate reports of missing townsfolk and livestock. What the prince finds there is more repulsive than he could ever have imagined. Meanwhile, Rowanne has a talk with Aleta that leads the princess to make a drastic change in her life.moreless
    • Mordred's Return
      Mordred's Return
      Episode 17
      The people of Camelot give Mordred a hero's welcome when he returns in the company of Valiant and his party. King Arthur is less than pleased by this turn of events - the same goes for Valiant, who is hostile towards his old foe as well as the Princess Aleta. Revealing the events of the past voyage is the only way for Camelot's enemies to be driven from its shores. Can Rowanne put her jealousy aside and do what's right for the kingdom?moreless
    • The Voyage
      The Voyage
      Episode 16
      Despite King Arthur's misgivings, Valiant sets sail for the Misty Isles in order to bring King Hugo back to talk peace with Camelot. The mission affords Valiant the chance to get closer to Princess Aleta, which does not sit well with Rowanne. This delicate situation is made more tenuous when Rowanne suggests that Valiant plot a faster course through rough waters. What happens when this new course is taken puts the ship's passengers in more danger than Rowanne intended.moreless
    • The Princess Aleta
      The Princess Aleta
      Episode 15
      A message from King Hugo asks that Camelot's army be send to the Misty Isles to help defeat a barbarian army. Arthur's knights, who have always believed that realm to be a myth, are suprised that their king plans to help the man who once tried to usurp his throne. It falls to Valiant to lead Arn, Rowanne, and 100 men across dangerous waters to reach the island nation. The prince then finds an unexpected source of beauty and spirit residing within these dreary shores.moreless
    • The Tree
      The Tree
      Episode 14
      The entire town of Harmony is up in arms against the neigboring town of Perkshire. The dispute centers on the fate of Adam's Oak, a beautiful and historically significant tree that is in danger of being torn down to make room for a bridge. Prince Valiant must settle the dispute but soon learns that both sides have convicing arguments in their favor. Valiant's eventual decision leads to a surprise stand-off against an old friend who tells him to change his mind or fight to the death.moreless
    • The Rival
      The Rival
      Episode 13
      Three lucky youths will be chosen from those competing in the Queen's Festival Competition to train for knighthood in Camelot. Before the festival begins, Rowanne meets a sweet young woman named Fiona who idolizes her and wants to be a knight. Rowanne decides her new friend has as much right to compete as any young man and makes sure that she is signed up. Yet she begins to regret this when Fiona proves to be too impressive a rival both on and off the combat field.moreless
    • The Crossbow
      The Crossbow
      Episode 12
      Valiant has a new crossbow that he believes will finally give him the advantage in an archery match against Rowanne. But something happens to make the prince drop his weapon and leave the practice field without it. Unfortunately, Dennis and his friend Wesley find the crossbow and begin to play with it. This causes an accident that may cost Dennis someone he dearly loves.moreless
    • Empty Justice
      Empty Justice
      Episode 11
      The trio's mission to aid the town of Rheged in its reconstruction efforts leads to a joyful reunion between Arn and his old friend Harold. The pair grows closer than ever as Arn meets Harold's family and hears Harold's dream of Arn's future knighthood. Things take a horrible turn when Harold's old deception comes back to haunt him. The resulting tragedy infects Arn with a violent desire for revenge that not even Valiant and Rowanne can talk him out of.moreless
    • The Traitor
      The Traitor
      Episode 10
      Sir Lymond sends word to Arthur that the northern Venicone tribe has finally agreed to negotiate a trade agreement with Camelot. Sir Gawain and the trio are then sent north to help Lymond prepare for the king and queen's arrival. While there, our heroes begin to suspect that the Venicones actually have hostile intentions. Some undercover spying in the Venicone camp is required in order to gather enough evidence to warn Arthur of the danger he may be in.moreless
    • The Cursed
      The Cursed
      Episode 9
      Lucitain refugees are journeying to the town of Serenity to start a new life in Camelot, so Sir Valiant is sent there to ensure their resettlement goes smoothly. Rowanne accompanies him in order to visit her cousin Carl, whom she hasn't seen in years. The pair arrive only to learn that Carl - as well as the rest of the native town inhabitants - has been experiencing hard times ever since the Lucitains arrived. Valiant and Rowanne must do some investigating to uncover the real source of Serenity's trouble.moreless
    • Peace on Earth
      Peace on Earth
      Episode 8
      Christmastime is fast approaching, and the people of Camelot are preparing to enjoy the holidays with such honored guests as Lady Daniella of the Misty Isles. But the yultide cheer has been incomplete due to the continued absence of the many knights and soldiers off fighting a bloody war alongside their allies in North Gallace. Our heroes can see little hope for peace as the bloodshed increases by leaps and bounds. A Christmas miracle is desperately needed to ensure that no more lives are lost during what should be a joyous time of year.moreless
    • The Lesson Twice Learned
      An ordinary mission brings Valiant into contact with an old friend he has not seen since Thule was first conquered. Lorne, an old teacher of the prince's, has been using his expertise as a strategist to train peasants to defend their homes from danger. Valiant offers the former Man-at-Arms a chance to once again plan and fight for a royal cause by returning with him to Camelot. But is Lorne still up to the challenge of entering into combat amongst seasoned warriors?moreless
    • The Color of Honor
      Believing that Sir Valiant has an innate understanding of justice, King Arthur appoints him to the distinguished post of Sheriff of Hammerscape. An honored Valiant takes Arn and Rowanne with him to the town to begin his duties. It's not long, though, before he learns how difficult it is to uphold both the letter of the law and the cause of justice. This dilemma comes to a head when Sir Bryant is accused of high treason by the town's mayor.moreless
    • The Flute
      The Flute
      Episode 5
      In the kingdom of Cathington, young Prince Henry cannot seem to do anything to make his father proud. The severity with which King Donovan punishes his son for his failures sharply contrasts with the generosity he displays to his subjects and guests. Among the king's current guests is Prince Valiant, who senses that both father and son are troubled in some way. And then there is the mystery of the unknown flute player whose sad melody haunts the castle...moreless
    • The Beggar
      The Beggar
      Episode 4
      Valiant's knighthood and recent exploits commanding an army have given him such a swollen ego that he is neglecting his share of the work at the Castle Keep. A special invitation to the Duke Griswald's wedding further raises his opinion of himself. But the adulation Valiant has grown used to hearing turns to scorn after a robbery makes him appear to be a beggar. His quest for aid leads to a lesson in humility from a stranger with an interesting history.moreless
    • The Black Rose
      The Black Rose
      Episode 3
      An attempt is made on Merlin's life by a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Rose. But the wizard is more concerned about the threat this group poses to Arthur, who is away on a hunting trip with King Lot. It is vital that Excalibur be delivered to the king before the dual threats of the Brotherhood and a band of Saxons overtake his small hunting party. While on this journey, Merlin relates the true story of the Sword in the Stone to Valiant and Dennis.moreless
    • The Deception
      The Deception
      Episode 2
      The body of Dylan, elder son of the exiled Sinnin, is brought to Camelot by a man who swears he saw Valiant commit the murder. On the corpse is a message from Sinnin asking his other son Dennis to come back to the family and make a fresh start. King Arthur, Merlin, and Dennis all have their doubts about the picture that is being presented before them. Yet with Dylan's lifeless body right there and Valiant not present to deny the charges, what other explanation can there be?moreless
    • The Lost
      The Lost
      Episode 1
      Reports of Mordred's intentions to wage war against Arthur have reached Camelot, so the king has sent Sir Valiant to lead a small group in investigating the matter. The prince is completely dedicated to conducting himself properly on his first important mission as a knight (much to his friends' displeasure). So when Dennis is seriously injured while under his protection, Valiant throws caution to the wind in his efforts to save his young squire. This leads to some dangerous confrontations with two familiar faces and an unruly army of mercenaries.moreless
  • Season 1