Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 8

Peace on Earth

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Merlin's voiceover describing the madness of war and mankind's struggle to aspire towards peace segues into a violent battle between the armies of North Gallace and Linden. Camelot's finest – including Sir Bryant, Sir Gawain, and the trio – aid their allies from North Gallace yet grow more despondent as it appears the fighting will continue through Christmas. Back in Camelot, the gaiety of the holiday festivities is tempered by the knowledge that so many knights and soldiers are off at war. Among Arthur and Guinevere's distinguished guests is Lady Daniella, who brings glad tidings from King Hugo of the Misty Isles and a special message to Prince Valiant from Princess Aleta. But Valiant has his hands full – after Arn saves his life and Rowanne finds some berries to tide them over, he leads his friends back into a battle that grows more senseless and bloody by the hour. The trio finds a new friend in Prince Thomas when he saves a pinned down Rowanne from certain death and fixes Valiant's dislocated shoulder. Valiant learns from the young prince that the fighting is over the possession of an ancient relic that is linked to the ownership of the land. On Christmas Eve, Merlin reminds Arthur of how connected the Christmas holiday is to Camelot while Dennis gives Lady Daniella a necklace from Valiant to Princess Aleta. As the members of the court place lighted candles on the Christmas tree, the barbarians from Linden begin a devastating attack that burns the forest and kills King Weldon of North Gallace. The grieving Prince Thomas tries to use what Valiant has taught him about the New Order to stop the fighting, but his men are so intent on avenging their old king's death that they ignore their new king's commands. It is not until both Thomas and Valiant ride into the field without their armor that both sides are prompted to stop – Thomas then reads from the relic, which states that the ownership of the land goes to the people who would live on it in peace. The power and truth of this moment inspires the warring kingdoms to end the bloodshed so that Valiant and others can return to Camelot in time to celebrate a peaceful Christmas.