Legend of Prince Valiant

Black Family Channel (ended 1994)


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  • "The Legend of Prince Valiant", is as high as amimation can go, we'll never again see the likes of it.

    There is just something about "The Legend of Prince Valiant", that most animated series don't have. The characters, the plots, the music, everything you need to go off to the world of Camelot is there. The whole feel of the show, is New Age in a wonderful Days of Old way. The voice cast fits like a glove, the dialogue is pure genius, and the plots are edge of your seat. This series is fabulous! I don't think animation will ever again see the likes of Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, Bryant, Gawain and Dennys, they have become legends of their own!
  • The Best Series in the world ever!

    Where can a start?
    From the beautiful theme song,
    to the awesome art design, the
    talented voices,the great scripts,
    The Legend of Prince Valiant captures
    all the romance and high adventure of
    the medieval times. The series is without
    a rival, nothing can match the pure joy
    one experiences when watching Prince Valiant.
    The series followed the epic adventures of
    young Valiant, who has a dream of
    King Arthur's Camelot. Valiant sets off
    on an epic journey to Camelot, to follow
    his destiny,and take a seat at the
    legendary Round Table. Along the way he
    meets a young wondering peasant, Arn and
    a blacksmith's daughter, Rowanne. The three
    new found friends have no idea what fate has
    in store for them.

    The Legend of Prince Valiant has 65 episodes.
    A great TV series, my favorite ever made.

  • 'the legend of prince valiant', the best arthurian series ever!

    hey! \\\'the legend of prince valiant\\\', was such a cool series. it had it all, action, adventure, fun, fear, joy, and romance, show me a series that has all that, and is clean! valiant himself was a hero, right up there with zorro {guy williams} tarzan {disney\\\'s} and gobo fraggle! and no one could beat merlin on \\\'legend of\\\'! he was too cool for words! the series proved that the dream of camelot will never die, and everyone who believes in truth, and justice, will be joined in the spirit of the round table.

    gotta go + mark
  • It was literally 10 years between the airing of the final episode of Prince Valiant and year I got my hands on the complete series via the Internet. To my pleasant surprise, The Legend of Prince Valiant was just as good as I remembered it.

    The Legend of Prince Valiant debuted in 1991 when I was 9 years old. I have vague memories of watching the first few episodes with my mom and younger brother. I have even vaguer memories of watching the reruns on Family Channel. It wasn't until Fall 2003 that I got a hold of 64 episodes on VHS tapes and signed up to be the show's editor at TV Tome. Since then, I've acquired the entire series from a good friend I met through TV Tome.

    Posting the contents of this guide - show summaries, recaps, cast information, etc. - has been especially satisfying for me since there's so few information on this show online. Not many people remember it, and that's a shame - it deserves an honored place in the evolution of television animation.

    Of the many animated shows I've watched, The Legend of Prince Valiant has always stood out as being exceptionally well done. It takes elements from its source material (the comics and Arthurian legend) and puts its own unique spin on it to create a series that distinguishes itself in many ways. The show has season-long story arcs, characters who grow and mature over time, consistantly good animation and voice work, and surprising plot twists. Like Gargoyles, this series deals with mature subject matter (political intrigue, murder, romantic relationships) in a family-friendly atmosphere. Most importantly, it's a great adventure with heroes I care about and believe in.
  • The Legend Lived!

    The Legend Of Prince Valiant Is One Of The Best Shows. I Like All The Characters And The Story Lines Were Well Thought Out. The Writers Did A Good Job. The Voices Are Also A Highlight, Robby Benson Owns The Role Of Prince Valiant. Efrem Zimbalist Jr.'s King Arthur Is Noble. Alan Oppenheimer Takes The Merlin Role To A New Level. Michael Horton (As Arn) and Noelle North (As Rowanne) Are Loyal And Well Voiced. One Thing That Was Better About This Than Normal Cartoons Was It Followed A Good Story That Was Just As Enjoyable For Adults As Children. Any Age Could Really Find Something To Like. It\'s One Of Those Few Shows, That No One Makes Anymore, When People Thought More About The Entertainment And Less About The Budget. The Animation Was Quite Good For The Date, The Style Was To Try And Make The Characters Look As Real As They Could. The Theme Song Also Had Great Art Design. The Series Had A 65 Episode Run. I Don't think You Couldn't Ask For A Better Show,This Was the Rabbit Out Of The Hat. Pure Magic.