Legend of Prince Valiant - Season 1

Black Family Channel (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • The Dream Come True
    The Dream Come True
    Episode 26
    The return of the queen completes the happiness that is widespread throughout Thule now that Sinnin is defeated. The royal family finds pleasure in contemplating Valiant's future even though it must take him from Thule for many years. Willam's final decision on how to deal with Sinnin inspires a partnership that could lead to a dark future for our heroes. But first they must return to Camelot, where they learn that King Arthur has special plans for Prince Valiant.moreless
  • The Triumph
    The Triumph
    Episode 25
    Prince Valiant and his army land at Thule and lay siege to the castle with the help of the local peasants. Our heroes have an extra card to play when Dylan is taken hostage during a skirmish. The prince relies on Merlin, Arn, and Rowanne to oversee his design to tunnel underneath the castle and cut off its water supply. But this plan could be ruined when King Willam gets captured by Sinnin while trying to do things his own way.moreless
  • The Choice
    The Choice
    Episode 24
    Camelot's army sets sail for Thule at the beginning of a violent storm season. While preparing to reclaim his kingdom from Sinnin, Valiant faces the startling realization that he cannot abandon his people to become a Knight of the Round Table. He has always assumed that his journey to Camelot was ordained by Fate, but now he must choose for himself where he is ultimately to spend his life. A devastating Viking attack then forces the prince to make an immediate decision regarding the campaign's - and his own - future.moreless
  • The Reunion
    The Reunion
    Episode 23
    Our heroes journey back to the marsh in order to enlist King Willam to join in the fight for Thule. On their way, they are ambushed by a bullying brute named Vladimir who has been plundering the countryside with his band of thugs. Valiant orchestrates their escape and the entire group finds refuge in Arn's hometown. Upon learning that his old friends are living in a constant state of fear, Arn wonders if he should permanently stay behind and help them defend their homes against Vladimir.moreless
  • The Battle of Greystone
    Dylan has seized Greystone, prompting King Arthur to send an army to reclaim this castle for the side of good. The king allows Valiant to take part in the campaign despite his fear that the prince won't be able to keep his hatred in check. It turns out that Arthur should be more worried about Sir Gawain, who is concealing a serious injury in order to stay in command of Camelot's army. How can Dylan be defeated if Gawain lacks the strength to lead?moreless
  • The Dawn of Darkness
    Dragons are being blamed for a series of devastating attacks that are obliterating Camelot's fortresses. Sir Bryant and the trio visit the estate of Lord Maldon to see what he knows, but the son of one of Arthur's old enemies refuses to treat the threat seriously. Furthermore, there is a secret project going on deep in Maldon's bell factory that the group suspects could mean trouble. Valiant's attempt to secretly spy on their host leads to a revelation that could spell the end for Camelot.moreless
  • The Waif
    The Waif
    Episode 20
    A young waif named Dennis falls uder Valiant's protection after being abused by a thieving juggler called Kerwood. The duo become fast friends when the friendly and eager boy reveals that he too has dreamed of Camelot long before he knew it existed. Together they fight for Dennis's right to remain in Camelot despite Kerwood's legal claim to him. Yet Dennis's explanation of where he comes from could forever drive a wedge between him and the Prince of Thule.moreless
  • The Fist of Iron
    The Fist of Iron
    Episode 19
    The suspicious behavior of Sir Gideon, a legendary Knight of the Round Table whose hand was cut off by the Bronze Knight, arouses the attention of Sir Giles. The young knight enlists Valiant's help in investigating the matter; this leads to the discovery of an extortion scheme taking place at the Twilingham silver mine. Although Valiant wonders if Giles's feelings for Gideon's betrothed are clouding his judgement, he still encourages his friend to bring his accusation to the king. Yet Giles's fear of losing his standing as a new knight could very well prevent the truth from coming out.moreless
  • The Road Back
    The Road Back
    Episode 18
    The day has finally come to deliver Baron Draconarius to King Ian so that he can be punished for the murder of Kengary's chief advisor. This is a dangerous time to do so, for the kingdom of Kengary is in the middle of a bloody civil war caused by the as-yet unavenged crime. Valiant is assigned the task of escorting the prisoner to his fate (which is sure to be death). Unfortunately, his hate-fueled drive to see that his old foe pays for his crimes places the entire mission in jeopardy.moreless
  • The Competitor
    The Competitor
    Episode 17
    The charismatic Prince Edwin is a new favorite in Camelot and holds a special interest to Rowanne after he saves her life. Both he and Prince Valiant appear to be the most likely candidates to win a coveted commission that could soon lead to knighthood. Valiant's barely contained jealousy of Edwin only drives Rowanne away from him and closer to her enthusiastic admirer. Sir Gawain and Sir Bryant expect some fighting to take place amongst these hot-headed youths; when it does, the results take everyone by surprise.moreless
  • The Turn of the Wheel
    After helping the eager young Sir Dylan gain admittance to Camelot's gala, Valiant is crushed when Merlin orders him to spend this holiday fixing carriages. His interest in his chore is temporarily aroused upon learning that one of the older carriages once carried King Arthur on his first important peace mission. Just when he is starting to fix that carriage's wheel, Sir Dylan gives him a chance to attend the gala as his guest. The prince makes shoddy repairs on the worn out wheel without realizing that he may not be able to go back and properly finish the job.moreless
  • The Trap
    The Trap
    Episode 15
    Arthur and Guinevere are looking forward to spending a quiet wedding anniversary together at Cannonwald. But it isn't long before the entire castle is in an uproar. When the king is severely wounded during an ambush, Guinevere distracts herself by taking charge of Excalibur and a couple refugees from the woods. One of these refugees is a lovely young lady who manages to charm everyone in the castle except for a suspicious Rowanne.moreless
  • The Guardian
    The Guardian
    Episode 14
    Sir Gawain can hardly contain his boredom as he leads a small battalion to the Roman Wall on what he believes to be a wild goose chase. Julian the gatekeeper is such a simple-minded buffoon that his warnings hold little value to the proud knight. But trouble is in fact brewing up north, suggesting that there may actually be an impending threat to Camelot's safety. Valiant and Arn must uncover the problem on their own when Gawain can't be located by any of the men.moreless
  • The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Episode 13

    With Arthur and Guinevere gone, Lady Morgana seizes an opportunity to rid herself of long-time rival Merlin once and for all. She poisons the old wizard with a sleeping potion that traps him in a dream world that she controls. The trio only has a day to save him and seeks help from an eccentric alchemist named "The Mighty Om." Rowanne tests the antidote he gives them and falls seriously ill, which forces her two friends to confront their feelings for her.

  • The Visitor
    The Visitor
    Episode 12
    Arn feels unworthy of knighthood in the presence of the noble-born knights who have come to compete in Camelot's tournament. But he finds renewed confidence through his new friendship with Sir Harold of York. Harold, a knight who boasts of surviving the legendary Combat of the Thirty, inspires Arn by revealing his own peasant ancestry. But Arn's newfound elation may be deflated when Rowanne explains her unsettling suspicions about Sir Harold.moreless
  • The Return
    The Return
    Episode 11
    On the day that Ian, Warrior King of Kengary, comes to Camelot to negotiate an alliance with Arthur, Baron Draconarius and his brother Robert arrive to seek aid from Arthur. Arthur barely restrains his deep-rooted hatred for Duncan as Guinevere offers him food and shelter for the night. Duncan repays this kindness by plotting to sabatoge the negotiations with Kengary. Soon the king's faith in his New Order is put to the test when the baron's actions go too far and Ian demands justice by the sword.moreless
  • The Secret of Perilous Garde
    Proud bachelor Sir Gawain is about to marry Queen Ilene of Perilous Garde, and Our Heroes are Camelot’s emissaries to his nuptials. The perfection of this extraordinary mountain city is sharply contrasted with the devastation of the drought-ridden village in the valley. Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne are sorely tempted to take up Queen Ilene’s offer to stay in this small paradise after experiencing its comforts and beauty. But their perceptions of Perilous Garde change once Arn learns about the secret behind its prosperity.moreless
  • The Trust Betrayed
    The Trust Betrayed
    Episode 9
    Sir Mordred's triumphant return after laying siege to the Vikings is bittersweet for Our Heroes. While they are awestruck to see the king's champion and dear friend in person, they are saddened by the knowledge that this latest war with the Vikings could have been avoided. Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne are more determined than ever to discover the identity of the traitor within Camelot's walls. This search for the truth brings the prince to the attention of two powerful new enemies who need him silenced to further their own agendas.moreless
  • The Singing Sword
    The Singing Sword
    Episode 8
    Dreams of trouble in Bridgesford prompt Rowanne to return home and check on her father and mother. Her concerns are justified – numerous townsfolk have been hanged for mentioning Camelot and its ideals. As emissaries of Camelot, Rowanne and Arn can expect no mercy when they are captured by the baron’s soldiers. What can Valiant do to save his friends and liberate Bridgesford from Duncan Draconarius’s tyranny?moreless
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 7
    Rolf, Valiant's old mentor, has come to Camelot both to deliver a letter from King Willem and spend some time with his beloved pupil. But the prince is too angry to read what his father has to say and too busy training with Sir Bryant and Sir Gawain to make time for his friend. Arn provides some measure of comfort for Rolf but cannot displace his yearning to reconnect with the young man he has loved like a son. Valiant must learn the hard way that he should take advantage of his friend's presence while he can.moreless
  • The Finding of Camelot
    After weeks of searching with no luck, the Trio begins to doubt the truth of Valiant's dream of Camelot. But the appearance of a wounded falcon within the Castle Keep leads to an omen that renews faith in the mission. The falcon repays Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne for tending its injuries by leading them straight to Camelot the next morning. Unfortunately, Our Heroes do not receive the welcome that they were anticipating.moreless
  • The Trust
    The Trust
    Episode 5
    While renovating the ruins of the Castle Keep to suit their needs, the Trio is interrupted by a wild boar's attack. Valiant tracks the wounded animal and falls into some underground caves inhabited by an insane old Viking named Thor. Rowanne and Arn venture into the caves to save Valiant from Thor's death traps; for some reason Arn's behavior grows increasingly erratic. Can our heroes survive long enough to learn why this aged Viking is waging war on them?moreless
  • The Kidnapping
    The Kidnapping
    Episode 4
    Rowanne is kidnapped by John Brodvage, an inept buffoon out to claim the reward Baron Draconarius has offered for her. It seems the young woman has broken the law by leaving home without the baron's consent. The pair is pursued by Valiant and Arn, who don't know that Brodvage poses little threat to their friend. The real threat comes from Garth, the baron's ruthless bounty hunter, who will kill any man who comes between him and his prize.moreless
  • The Blacksmith's Daughter
    The two would-be knights run afoul of Sheriff Robert when they stop him from abducting Rowanne (the blacksmith's daughter). Their stay at her home that evening reveals that she is far from a typical maiden in distress: the young woman has spirit and a deadly aim with a bow and arrow. The visit takes a near fatal turn when Robert comes to exact revenge for his humiliating defeat. Valiant and Arn also have to contend with Robert's powerful brother Duncan when word of their quest reaches him.moreless
  • The Journey
    The Journey
    Episode 2
    While attempting to get some breakfast, Prince Valiant meets a wandering peasant named Arn who mocks his lack of fishing skills. The two very different men are soon bonding over breakfast and a fishing lesson. Their relaxing day is cut short when violent circumstances force Valiant to take a detour from his search for Camelot. This detour leads to a devastating discovery about the future of this great kingdom.moreless
  • The Dream
    The Dream
    Episode 1
    The kingdom of Thule has fallen under the attack of King Cynin and his massive army. The forces of King Willem manage to hold out until their ruler drops his guard during the battle. Cynin wins the day and forces the survivors, including young Prince Valiant, to sail to a primitive land far from their home. But Valiant eventually learns that it is not his destiny to remain in the marsh for long.moreless