Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 23

The Blackest Poison

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are travelling to Velquin to secure an alliance with this warrior kingdom. Their host King Edward shows great interest in discussing the New Order and graciously welcomes them to walk to his castle. On the way, Sir Bryant is narrowly saved from falling to his death on a rigged bridge – apparently, Velquin is filled with traps to test its soldiers and this one was accidentally left on. The discussion at dinner is a heated one as Princess Sadisa (Edward's sister) shows a haughty contempt for the ideals of Camelot, hangs onto Arthur's arm, and cooly insults Guinevere. Edward tries to smooth things over by toasting his guests, but upon drinking from his cup Arthur starts choking and collapses, the victim of a deadly poison. The distraught queen promises her ailing husband to continue the peace talks over Gawain and Bryant's protests that they should leave immediately and prepare for war. Unlike his fellow knights, Valiant believes Edward to be innocent and tells Arn that they should keep an eye on Princess Sadisa. As tension mounts between the Knights of the Round Table and Velquin's guards (led by Sir Jeffrey), the antidote Merlin sent by carrier pigeon after receiving word of the crisis begins to work. This causes Sadisa, who loves Sir Mordred and is impatient to rule Camelot as his queen, to reactivate a trap in order to finish Arthur off. But Valiant sees her doing this and works out a plan with Edward to expose Sadisa's treachery to all of Velquin. The princess runs to Mordred for help, but he rejects her as a fool before riding off into the night. Valiant catches Sadisa and delivers her to Edward, who is now an ally of Camelot thanks to Guinevere's eloquent negotiating; Gawain apologizes to Sir Jeffrey on behalf of the other knights before the party from Camelot rides home.