Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 30

The Burning Bridge

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Prince Michael has sent two messages by carrier pigeon to Camelot: one announcing the death of his father Malcolm and his upcoming coronation as king, the other a personal letter to Rowanne. Although neither Valiant nor Arn has heard from their friend since she left Camelot, Arthur gives them the responsibility of delivering her letter while he and Guinevere prepare to travel to Northland for the coronation. Sir Bryant and Valiant are in charge of the security measures to be put into effect during the journey (the Duke of Lionsgate and his son are loose in the countryside). Valiant and Arn detour to Bridgeford to speak to Rowanne's family only to find her working in Cedric's forge and unwilling to speak to either of them. They are invited by Cedric to dinner and tell him what happened to make Rowanne leave Camelot; during the meal they are both shocked to learn that Rowanne has been "dating" a boring country bumpkin named Thomas. Valiant tries in vain to convince Rowanne to stop blaming everyone else for what happened in Greenglade but is interrupted by her Aunt Celia, whose young children Ian and Alicia have been missing all day. Valiant asks Sir Bryant to ride on ahead while he and Arn aid in the search – Rowanne suspects she knows where her cousins are but decides to stay quiet until Valiant leaves. When Rowanne's mother learns of this she yells at her for letting petty anger prevent her from doing what's right and suggests that maybe she was unworthy of Camelot. At this time the Duke's men – who had captured the lost children when they accidentally spotted their camp – attack Sir Bryant's men outside of Bridgeford and use their catapults to burn the bridge and prevent their retreat. Fortunately, Rowanne knows a way to cross the rapids dividing them from the battle and helps Valiant and Arn destroy the catapults before they kill Sir Bryant and the survivors. She is severely injured while saving her cousins from a fire; Valiant and Arn lose the Duke and Bosley while coming to her aid. With the battle over, the wounded cared for, and the journey to Northland postponed, Valiant and Arn start to head home only to be joined by an apologetic Rowanne, who is welcomed back with open arms.
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