Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 37

The Death of Arthur

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1994 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Civil strife is running rampant in Camelot as Maldon and Allen, posing as newcomers, burn local villages and cause the death of a baron's daughter. Valiant halts his search for King Hugo's murderer long enough to inform the grief-stricken baron of Maldon's trickery and convince him not to punish the innocent foreigners in his shire. Unfortunately, an angry mob of newcomers looking to reclaim their fishing rights start a riot that causes Dennis (who followed Valiant in an effort to bring him home) to be severely injured. The concerned knight brings his squire back to Camelot so that Merlin can tend to his wounds; in doing this, he finally learns the real reason why King Arthur prematurely closed the murder investigation. Valiant updates the king on Mordred and Maldon's increased activity while Arthur reveals his suspicions that a Knight of the Round Table has joined the New Dawn. Although the situation looks dire, Arthur has a plan that involves faking his death at the annual Sword and the Stone Celebration. Neither Guinevere nor the Knights are comfortable with this dangerous plan when they hear it, but they eventually concede that doing this might make Mordred set his plans in motion prematurely. That night, while Sir Kay secretly passes this information on to Allen, Aleta pays Valiant a brief visit at the Castle Keep to apologize for doubting him, reaffirm her love, and inform him of her plan to spy on Mordred. The following morning, Lord Maldon arrives at the Chapel of the Sword and the Stone and offers to "help" the blind old groundskeeper prepare for Arthur's arrival. No one from Arthur's delegation is unaware of this when they arrive at the chapel – after Arthur addresses the crowd, the disguised Arn and Rowanne "kill" the king according to the plan. It is only after Arthur has been carried into the chapel that Valiant spots Maldon lighting a trail of gunpowder on the ledge above the building. The prince pushes the queen away from the chapel just as the gunpowder explodes but cannot reach Arthur before a rock avalanche buries him. Now, with King Arthur truly dead and Camelot's future uncertain, the grieving yet clear-minded Guinevere returns to the castle and announces to the royal court that she intends to step aside and bestow the crown upon Arthur's chosen heir – Prince Valiant of Thule!
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