Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 6

The Finding of Camelot

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1991 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

A storm is breaking as Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne climb up a mountain with the hopes of finding Camelot at the top. This turns out to be yet another dead end, so the Trio makes camp until the storm passes and the way back to the Castle Keep is clear. Poor Valiant begins to doubt his dream and feels ashamed for betraying his friends' faith in his leadership. Arn and Rowanne reassure the prince that they haven't lost hope, but he continues to worry that he won't fulfill his oath to finish Thor's mission. Things look up when they return to the Castle Keep and come across a wounded falcon that apparently belongs to a nobleman. The bird is hostile until they tend to its injuries – it then seems to bring them a good omen the following morning in the form of a knight bearing Camelot's emblem.

When the falcon takes off, the young warriors race through the woods and follow it straight to Camelot. They spend a few minutes just staring awestruck at the castle and taking it all in – none of them dared to imagine that any place could be so beautiful, grand, and fine. Soon they approach the gates and tell the guards that they wish to seek an audience with King Arthur. But when the guards are presented with King Olaf's Ring of State, they accuse these travelers of being thieves and lock them in the dungeon! As Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne contemplate escape, a mysterious figure spies on them through a crack in the wall and unbolts their cell door once the guards leave. Our Heroes are confused by this development yet quick to sneak out, acquire disguises from the uniform room, and start searching for the ring. The mysterious figure from the dungeon continues to give them unseen aid by blocking access to corridors that will lead them astray.

During the search, Arn overhears voices and alerts Valiant and Rowanne to a secret meeting between the guards from the gate an unseen Knight of the Round Table. This knight (who hides the ring in a candle holder on the wall) was the one who murdered Thor's peace delegation – he believes in glory through warfare and thinks little about the ideals of the New Order. Our Heroes, shocked that there's a traitor in Camelot, go to great lengths to retrieve the Ring of State. Their efforts alert all the palace guards; Arn and Rowanne hold them off while Valiant crashes into the royal throne room. Shaken, he finds himself in the presence of the king, the queen, their knights, and a wise-looking old man. Also present is the falcon, who flies from his perch on the old man's arm in order to greet the young man who helped him.

The stalwart Sir Bryant restrains the temperamental Sir Gawain so that Valiant can explain his abrupt entrance. Valiant introduces himself to the court, explains about the Vikings' wish for peace, presents the Ring of State to Arthur, and voices his desire to become a Knight of the Round Table. At this point, Arn and Rowanne bolt into the throne room to escape the guards and also pledge their loyalty and service to Camelot. At first King Arthur doesn't know what to make of these intruders (particularly Rowanne, who wants to be a knight too). But Queen Guinevere recognizes that these are pure-hearted souls and devoted friends, and the Arthur's old advisor Merlin shows great interest in the prince. In the end, the king agrees to take a chance and train the Trio for knighthood. Satisfied, Merlin drops hints that he helped the Trio get through the castle but evades direct questions and welcomes Prince Valiant to Camelot.