Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 6

The Finding of Camelot

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1991 on Black Family Channel



  • Trivia

    • The rope that was tied around Valiant's waist during the climb disappears when he drops down to help Rowanne and reappears when he's done fighting the bird.

    • After climbing the top of the cliff, Arn asks Valiant if they've reached Camelot. But Arn gets to the top before Valiant, so he can clearly see for himself that Camelot is not there.

    • While retrieving the ring, Valiant tears his sleeve so that he can pull his arm through the bars in a window. Moments later, we see that his sleeve is intact.

  • Quotes

    • Valiant: "Arn, what if my vision of Camelot was as my father said: nothing more than a figment of my imagination? Oh, it would wound my soul to think I had betrayed your faith in my, and Rowanne's."
      Arn: "You have betrayed nothing. Your vision was true. Our quest is real! I feel it as strong as I feel the beating of my heart."

    • (the Trio stands outside Camelot in awe)
      Valiant: "Camelot!"
      Rowanne: "Look at it!"
      Arn: "It's hard to believe anything could be so beautiful."

    • Rowanne: "How can you be so sure we shouldn't have gone the other way?"
      Valiant: "I don't know – princely intuition perhaps."
      (Merlin, concealed behind a wall, pulls a lever that makes the floor in front of them drop)
      Rowanne: "I don't know about you Arn, but my commoner's intuition suggests we'd have been better off going the other direction."
      Valiant (matter of factly): "Rowanne (chuckles), you are truly an irritating person."

    • Unknown Knight: "I am a Knight of the Round Table. Our illustrious king is so smitten with the notion of peace, he has forgotten that knights are above all soldiers. And what use is a soldier if he does not have a war to fight?"

    • (Merlin's falcon flies to Valiant and rests on his arm)
      Guinevere (first line in the series): "I was certain the bird was about to attack. How extraordinary."
      Merlin: "Hmm, perhaps it is an omen, milady."

    • Gawain (first line in the series): "How dare you burst in upon King Arthur this way?! I should shave you flogged for this vulgar intrusion!"
      Bryant (first line in the series): "Spare us the theatrics, Gawain. Simply let the boy explain his presence."

    • Merlin: "Welcome to Camelot, young Prince Valiant. I think you shall find it a most extraordinary adventure."

  • Notes

    • Characters introduced: King Arthur, Merlin, Queen Guinevere, Sir Gawain, and Sir Bryant. We also see Camelot's traitor from behind and hear him speak, although we don't learn his identity until later.

    • This marks the first time that all eight of the major characters appear in a single episode.

    • Three more images from the theme song appear in this story: the Trio climbing a mountain, the falcon flying, and King Arthur sitting on his throne. We've seen the falcon fly before, but in the theme song it appears right before Merlin and Arthur and in this episode it leads the Trio to Camelot.

    • The on-screen credits for the voice actors playing Guinevere, Gawain, and Bryant are not as prominent as those of the rest of the main cast. They can be more accurately designated as supporting characters instead of main characters.

    • Title card drawing: a bound book with Prince Valiant as the title on the cover.

    • The falcon wears an ivory band around one of its legs that identifies it as the property of a nobleman.

    • The shield of the knight that appears in the Castle Keep's courtyard bears Camelot's Rising Sun emblem above a crest of an axe. A future episode will identify that crest (and the armor) as Sir Mordred's. So although no one ever realizes this, it's fun to note that Sir Mordred renewed Our Heroes' faith in their quest for Camelot.

    • Ongoing character traits: Arn and Rowanne's faith in Valiant; the Trio's awe of Camelot and its leaders; Merlin's counsel of Arthur, evasiveness, interest in Valiant's potential, and tendency to help anonymously so others can learn for themselves; Arthur's gentle sternness, open-mindedness, trust of his wife and mentor, and willingness to take chances on people; Guinevere's serene demeanor and her perceptiveness; Gawain's temper and rashness; Bryant's solemn, stalwart demeanor and sensible nature.

  • Allusions

    • The comics depict the prince meeting Sir Gawain on the road to Camelot. It's his instantly close friendship with this famous knight that leads to his introduction to Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin. Valiant serves as Sir Gawain's squire until his own knighthood.

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