Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 19

The Fist of Iron

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1992 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

The legendary Sir Gideon and the newly knighted Sir Giles interrupt Gawain while he is teaching Valiant to watch his opponent's movements in combat. The young trainee indulges in some hero-worship upon meeting the famous knight who lost his hand in his victory over the villainous Bronze Knight. Gideon's attempt to correct Valiant's fighting technique quickly degenerates into a vicious show of power that knocks the prince unconscious – Giles later admits to his friend that he has noticed a darkness in Gideon that frightens him. At dinner, Giles's attempt to gain the notice of the Lady Megan causes him to observe some suspicious behavior in Sir Gideon (her fiancé). He follows the knight to a secret meeting in the forest outside of Twilingham and learns that Gideon and a masked emissary are extorting silver from the local mine. But Valiant has difficulty believing that Giles heard this correctly and wonders if he is unintentionally letting his feelings for Megan distort the facts. The prince agrees to accompany his friend to Twilingham to investigate the matter further; while there, they learn from a man named Fezzik that the demands placed by an emissary of the long-lost Bronze Knight have nearly depleted the mine of its silver. With no definitive proof that Sir Gideon is involved, Giles is reluctant to risk his reputation by violating the unofficial code to never disgrace a fellow knight. Valiant is thunderstruck that his friend would keep the truth hidden because of personal risk, but Sir Gawain tells Valiant that without proof Giles would be suspected of purposely disgracing Sir Gideon in order to win the heart of his fiancée. A surprise attack by the Bronze Knight's emissary prompts Valiant to ride back to Twilingham with Sir Giles and end the threat once and for all. The resulting battle leads to the discovery that the Bronze Knight is actually Sir Gideon, who killed his foe long ago and donned his armor to reclaim the feeling of power he lost after his hand was cut off. With the battle won, Gideon is stripped of his rank and exiled from Camelot, and Valiant joins with all of Camelot in praising Sir Giles for his brave and noble service.