Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 38

The Gathering Storm

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1994 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Lightning strikes the royal cathedral shortly after Guinevere and Merlin crown Valiant King of Camelot, further suggesting to the scared and fleeing populace that the kingdom's future now lies with Mordred. Immediately after this, the sole survivor from a scouting party returns to the castle with devastating news: the enemy army that slaughtered his men (thanks to some unknown traitor from Camelot) is only two days away. King Valiant immediately summons his knights to the Round Table and informs them of his plan to send two companies to help fortify the fortresses along the only roads leading to the castle. Sir Bryant and Sir Gawain, the kingdom's mightiest warriors and most experienced generals, will lead the companies and send word to the main army when Mordred's route is determined. Sir Kay – who has sided with Mordred out of resentment for Arthur's favor of Valiant – passes this information on to Allen, who is immediately captured by Lady Morgana's men. The duplicitous noblewoman soon meets with the young king and demonstrates her "goodwill" to Camelot by showing him proof of Kay's treachery. However, she later saves Kay from being arrested by Sir Arn and Rowanne and has his original message sent on its way with her compliments. Morgana also coats Kay's right hand with a lethal poison to use in assassinating Bryant and Gawain, although she hides the fact that the ointment she used to protect his hand only delays his own death. When Merlin and Valiant find the dead body of a Camelot soldier, they determine that Kay is the murderer based on certain marks on the body. Meanwhile, Rowanne and Arn learn that Mordred's army – which consists of Vikings, Picts, mercenaries, and defectors from Camelot – outnumbers their forces three to one. They return to Camelot to find that their king has gone to find Sir Bryant and has left instructions via Guinevere for Rowanne to warn Gawain and Arn to make the reserve army ready. A dying Kay succeeds in poisoning the unsuspecting Bryant before Valiant can get there, but fortunately Bryant does not absorb a lethal dosage. The timely arrivals of both Rowanne and Valiant save Gawain from the poison that finally (and viciously) brings the traitorous knight's life to an end.