Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 35

The Ghost

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1993 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

The wisest sages and scholars in the world are gathering in Camelot for a peaceful exchange of ideas, inventions, and knowledge. This convocation is the brainchild of Merlin, who is overjoyed at seeing The Mighty Om again but strangely agitated by the arrival of an eastern scholar named Sing Lu. During the welcoming ceremony, an unseen ninja causes a horse to leap wildly onto the platform housing Merlin, Arthur, and Guinevere. Valiant calms the animal with Arn and Rowanne's help – while Merlin quietly accuses Sing Lu of treachery, Rowanne sees a ghostly shadow out of the corner of her eye in the stables. At that evening's banquet, an uncharacteristically moody and distant Merlin hints to Om that he has a terrible secret that he's been keeping for years (Om knows it has something to do with Sing Lu's presence). A second sighting of the fleet and shadowy ghost by a serving woman leads to a castle-wide search in which Valiant finds that the chandelier above the royal table has been tampered with. Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin narrowly avoid the chandelier's fall – this effectively ends the convocation and forces Merlin to confess his deepest shame. Apparently, the wizard traveled to China as a youth and befriended the beautiful and wise Empress Suriko shortly before she fell victim to a fatal epic that was sweeping the countryside. He explains that in his haste to find her cure he accidentally gave her a potion that killed her and was forced to flee when Sing Lu and the others accused him of murder. Merlin believes that Sing Lu has hired a ninja assassin to kill him out of revenge, but Om's observations and the trio's detective work reveals that the assassin's real target is the queen Merlin serves so faithfully. The entire castle springs into action when Guinevere screams in her chambers as she is kidnapped – fortunately, Valiant stops the ninja before any harm comes to her. A final confrontation with Sing Lu reveals not only that he had no part in the plot, but that another sage in the court had framed Merlin for the empress's murder. Sing Lu has traveled all this way to beg Merlin's forgiveness for doubting him; Merlin, finally free of the past, accepts his apology and friendship with a grateful heart.

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