Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 7

The Gift

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1991 on Black Family Channel
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Episode Summary

The Gift
Rolf, Valiant's old mentor, has come to Camelot both to deliver a letter from King Willem and spend some time with his beloved pupil. But the prince is too angry to read what his father has to say and too busy training with Sir Bryant and Sir Gawain to make time for his friend. Arn provides some measure of comfort for Rolf but cannot displace his yearning to reconnect with the young man he has loved like a son. Valiant must learn the hard way that he should take advantage of his friend's presence while he can.moreless

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    Michael Horton

    Michael Horton

    Voice of Arn

    Tim Curry

    Tim Curry

    Voice of Sir Gawain

    Robby Benson

    Robby Benson

    Voice of Prince Valiant

    James Avery (I)

    James Avery (I)

    Voice of Sir Bryant

    Noelle North

    Noelle North

    Voice of Rowanne

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

    Voice of King Arthur Pendragon

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When Valiant opens his father's letter, it appears to be signed "Williem." However, the voice-over of the king's narration of the letter indicates that it's supposed to be signed "your loving father." Also, the closed captions state that the king's name is spelt "Willem;" since is how the other characters always pronounce his name, "Williem" is most likely a spelling error.

      • Valiant is right behind Arn when they walk over a log bridge during training. But in the next shot, Arn jumps off and gets a substantial head start before Valiant even makes it to the other side.

      • There's only one rope when Arn, Valiant, and Rowanne climb up the cliff. But there are three when Gawain rides on after Rowanne makes it to top.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Gawain (chuckles): It seems you're all wet, young lady. (rides into the river) Allow me to assist you. Here, take my hand.
        (Rowanne grabs his arm and flips him into the river)
        Rowanne: Now, Sir Gawain, it seems you're all wet.
        Bryant (laughs): Tell me Gawain, how is the water?
        Gawain: A bit … chilly.

      • Arthur: But know Valiant that stubborn pride cuts like a sword deep into the hearts of those who harbor it. It leaves them small and bitter. The heart of a truly noble man has room within it to hold, along with courage and honor, the gift of forgiveness.

      • Bryant: After you've removed the earth from your teeth, you may report to Gawain.

      • Rogue Knight: You have fought so well that I almost hate to kill you!
        Valiant: Well enough to have bested you, were you not a coward hiding within a suit of armor!

    • NOTES (10)

      • Title card drawing: a bound book with Prince Valiant as the title on the cover.

      • Our Heroes begin their training for knighthood in earnest. As it stands now, Valiant has to improve on the lance and broadsword, Arn excels at the quintain but needs work with the broadsword and horseback riding, and Rowanne has to build up endurance and upper body strength.

      • Rowanne wears pants for the first time.

      • Rolf wears a tunic with Valiant's family crest on it: a red horse's head in a white circle placed in a field of blue.

      • The distance between Camelot and the marsh is unclear. Valiant states that it has been nearly a year since he left the marsh and began his quest. However, it took Rolf only eight weeks to travel from the marsh to Camelot. It could be that a significant amount of time has passed between this episode and the previous one.

      • Rolf was a peasant before becoming Thule's Lord of Arms. His close relationship with Valiant (who says Rolf is his best friend) explains the prince's willingness to befriend peasants like Arn and Rowanne.

      • The Trio is still living at the Castle Keep, which means it is not far from Camelot but probably out of sight.

      • Two flashbacks show Valiant as a young boy as Rolf trains and plays with him.

      • Ongoing character traits: Valiant's single-minded focus, difficulty forgiving others, and readiness to accept a challenge to combat; Arn's perceptiveness of others' feelings and self-consciousness about his training around the knights; Rowanne's tendency to retaliate when she's humiliated; King Arthur's tact and gentle council; Gawain's teasing of the Trio and determination to retain his dignity in undignified situations; Bryant's teaching skills, commanding and no-nonsense attitude, and bravery in battle.

      • The lesson of the episode: Don't let pride prevent you from forgiving the ones you love. Instead, be grateful for every opportunity to be with them.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Sir Bryant is another important character from this series that does not appear in either Arthurian legend or the original comic strip. In the early comics, Sir Tristam is the other major Knight of the Round Table. His lifelong friendships with both Valiant and Gawain create a heroic trio of warriors much like our Valiant, Gawain, and Bryant (or the show's main Trio of Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne).

      • Story 71 of the comics depicts how Valiant tames a red stallion with a reputation as a mankiller. The stallion is named Arvak; he's Valiant's warhorse for 22 years. After Arvak dies, Valiant rides a white mare that was Arvak's daughter