Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 24

The Hero

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Merlin sends Valiant to Longport to pick up a shipment of exotic plants to be studied for medicinal use. The prince takes Arn, Rowanne, and Dennis, the latter of whom bubbles with excitement at the prospect of seeing the famous tournament fighter Raymond. Valiant is uncomfortable when he sees how popular Raymond is with the crowd (and with his squire) yet still accepts his invitation to meet him at an inn and discuss Camelot. At the inn, Raymond comes in disguise, orders the best meal in the house, and deliberately drops his hood when the check comes so he can use his fame to secure a free dinner. The group then proceeds to the docks only to learn that the trees were mistakenly unloaded at Raven's Rock, a dangerous port notorious for being a pirate haven. Valiant reluctantly asks Raymond to come with them on their voyage and gives him money to buy their supplies while he secures passage on a vessel. Raymond receives most of what is needed as gifts from his fans – the rest he does not hesitate to steal, explaining to a nervous Dennis that these people want to give him things but are too busy to do so. At Raven's Rock, Raymond is disgusted by the fact that no one there has heard of him and violently storms off to find someone who will treat him like a hero. Dennis confesses to his friends about the stolen goods; when Valiant tells him he should have known better the ashamed boy runs off in search of Raymond. While the trio searches for him, Dennis is rudely cast aside by his hero and returns heartbroken to the inn alone. Unfortunately, Raymond sets fire to the inn after the proprietor kicks him out, and it is only with quick thinking and the help of his friends that Valiant is able to rescue his squire. The group leaves Raymond with the authorities at Raven's Rock and sail back to Longport with the plants; once there, Dennis bravely goes back to the market on his own to offer the merchants payment and an apology for the stolen merchandise.
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