Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 2

The Journey

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 1991 on Black Family Channel
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Episode Summary

The Journey
While attempting to get some breakfast, Prince Valiant meets a wandering peasant named Arn who mocks his lack of fishing skills. The two very different men are soon bonding over breakfast and a fishing lesson. Their relaxing day is cut short when violent circumstances force Valiant to take a detour from his search for Camelot. This detour leads to a devastating discovery about the future of this great kingdom.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Valiant and Arn climb a very tall and steep hill to escape the creature. The tree they climb is far from the shore, yet somehow water from the river reaches its trunk when the creature moves onto land.

      • The height of the tree grows much taller after Valiant and Arn succeed in climbing it.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • (Valiant struggles with a fish, falls out of the boat, and gets hit in the head with an oar)
        Arn (first line in the series): "You're supposed to go after them with something other than your bare hands. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bothered to call it fishing – they'd have called it grabbing!"
        Valiant: "Yes, and when you've not eaten in three days, they call it starving!"

      • Valiant: "You must think me a fool for not even knowing how to catch my own dinner."
        Arn: "Truth be told Valiant, I never knew a man who didn't. Then again I … never before met a prince. Oh, I called you by your Christian name. That's not fitting, is it? Of course it's not. I—I should address you as … as what, uh, would it be your highness? Or your lordship? Or –"
        Valiant: "We've broken bread, we've slain a viper together – why not just leave it at Valiant?"

      • Arn: "There is the beginnings of a good friendship between us. Can you not now tell me the truth?"
        Valiant: "What truth is it that you seek?"
        Arn: "The truth of your beginnings. Of the place it is you call your home."
        Valiant: "It was taken from me, by a black-hearted king named Cynin. He stole my father's kingdom, and he drove my family across the seas. He doomed us to a life of misery in a stinking marsh. (angry) And someday I shall return. I shall have my revenge for what was done to my father, and for every tear my mother has been forced to shed!"

      • Hag: "You did not leave my boy to die. You brought him safely home. In payment for your kindness, I will spare your life. But even so, I have had my revenge! I have shown you Camelot in ruins: a vision to break your heart, a sight to cause you to suffer, not for a fleeting moment, but for the rest of your days!"

      • Arn: "I've nothing to offer: no skill, no fortune. My mother and father are dead – I've not even a home or a family. I'm nothing more than a wandering peasant. What have I to bring to a dream such as yours? A dream as fine as Camelot?"
        Valiant: "Arn, it is only in hearts as good and pure as yours that such dreams live. Join me Arn. Come with me and find Camelot."

    • NOTES (9)

      • Characters introduced: Arn. King Arthur also makes his first appearance in a vision.

      • Arn's location, position, and movements in the theme song come from his location, position, and movements at the end of this episode. We also see a knight on horseback bearing Camelot's standard on his shield, although it's not the same knight as in the theme song.

      • There are two versions of the opening credits. The first version has no sound effects and treats the title logo as a single unit that flashes onto the screen. The second version has improved animation (especially for Valiant and Merlin), sound effects for the fire, swords, arrow, and falcon, and a logo that is assembled from different pieces (like a puzzle). It is unclear exactly when the switch in the two versions takes place.

      • Title card drawing: a bound book with Prince Valiant as the title on the cover.

      • Valiant begins the episode in the same rowboat he was in at the end of "The Dream." By the end of "The Journey," he will abandon the boat and continue the rest of his quest on foot.

      • This will be the only episode where Arn grows flustered around his friend the prince. Valiant tells Arn to forget the formalities and just use his Christian name; Arn does so for the rest of the series with no discomfort.

      • Fantastical creatures such as the one that attacks Valiant and Arn will be rare in this cartoon. The series aims more towards reality in spite of its use of visions and potions.

      • We see the Rising Sun emblem of Camelot for the first time.

      • Ongoing character traits: Valiant's leadership skills, talent for inspiring speeches, sense of mercy, and eagerness to learn as many new skills as possible; Arn's simple goodness, wilderness skills, clumsiness, unquestioned following of Valiant, self-doubt, and discomfort around royalty due to his peasant heritage.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Evidently, Valiant's name in the comics was originally going to be Arn because creator Hal Foster wanted to use an authentic Viking name. The syndicate publishing his strip outvoted him.

      • There are a couple characters named Arn in Hal Foster's comic series. The first is Prince Arn of Ord, Valiant's romantic rival for the maid Ilene. He eventually becomes Valiant's friend and godfather to his firstborn son. Valiant's son is the second Arn; the comics frequently chronicle his adventures as he grows into a great hero.

      • Story 2 in the comics finds a teenage Valiant meeting Horrit the witch and her son Thorg in the swamps. It's her vision of his adventurous yet difficult future that sets him off on his journey. The hag and her barbarian son in this episode are never named, but they are either these characters or this show's equivalents.