Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 4

The Kidnapping

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1991 on Black Family Channel
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Episode Summary

Rowanne is kidnapped by John Brodvage, an inept buffoon out to claim the reward Baron Draconarius has offered for her. It seems the young woman has broken the law by leaving home without the baron's consent. The pair is pursued by Valiant and Arn, who don't know that Brodvage poses little threat to their friend. The real threat comes from Garth, the baron's ruthless bounty hunter, who will kill any man who comes between him and his prize.moreless

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    S. Scott Bullock

    S. Scott Bullock

    Voice of Garth

    Guest Star

    Jerry Houser

    Jerry Houser

    Voice of John Brodvage

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • At the end of the last episode, Valiant and Arn's tunics were tied to Cedric's dogs as part of the plan to throw the baron's hunting party off the scent. But now they're back in their normal clothes. How did they get their clothes back?

      • Arn finds Rowanne's bow and arrows after she's taken and gives them to Valiant to carry while they track her. These weapons disappear for the rest of the story; they're not seen again until the next episode.?

      • Garth rides through a river with no problems whatsoever. When Valiant and Arn get to the same river, it is much deeper and harder for them to cross.

      • Arn has rocks tied around his waist to steady him while crossing the river – the rocks are gone when Valiant pulls him onto the shore.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Arn: "You're improving. The last time I had you finished in three moves."
        Valiant: "This method of fighting is wonderful! Show me more."
        Arn: "Your boundless supply of energy is beginning to wear me down. What do you say to a truce?"
        Valiant: "Not yet. I'm enjoying myself too much. Let's try that maneuver again."
        Arn: "Alright. Let's see how quickly I can do away with you this time."

      • Rowanne: "Listen to me you fool! If you return me to the baron, the worse that will happen is that he will force me to marry his horrible brother, and you he will undoubtedly kill."
        John: "Why should he want to kill me?"
        Rowanne: "BECAUSE YOU ARE AN IDIOT, and we would all be well rid of you!!"

      • John: "Be reasonable Rowanne, it's for the best. You'll end up the wife of a nobleman and I'll end up rich! Don't you see, it's our destiny!"
        Rowanne: "DESTINY?!? What right have you to decide what path my life should follow?!"

      • Garth: "Transporting you back to Bridgesford as a corpse would make for an easier journey, but it wouldn't make for a very lively wedding, now would it?"

      • Rowanne: "I'm glad we're going to be staying here while we continue to search for Camelot. It's a curious ruin of a place, but it has a nice feel to it."
        Arn: "Yes. It feels like home."

    • NOTES (5)

      • At the beginning of the episode, Rowanne is using a flower as the bull's-eye during her target practice. She is also seen doing this during the opening credits.

      • Title card drawing: a bound book with Prince Valiant as the title on the cover.

      • Arn notices the two sets of horseshoe prints that he's tracking bear the same trademark. He deduces that the two riders (Brodvage and Garth) share the same blacksmith. Bridgesford must therefore have more than one blacksmith since both riders are from Bridgesford and neither Arn nor Valiant identifies the trademark as Cedric's.

      • The falcon flies overhead after Rowanne yells at her kidnapper for trying to control her life.

      • Ongoing character traits: Valiant's ingenuity (crossing the rapids using weights and a rope); Arn's prowess with a long staff and tracking skills; Rowanne's logic, fierce anger, and defense of her right to choose her own future; the Trio's protectiveness of each other.

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