Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 7

The Lesson Twice Learned

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

The town of Dormint greets Sir Valiant with drawn bows, swords in hand, and an invitation into a dark house. The prince believes them to be the thieves he's been sent to scout for, but it turns out they are simple townsfolk who have been taught to defend themselves by Lorne, one of Thule's old Men-at-Arms. The two old friends are delighted to be reunited with each other after being forced to part ways when Sinnin conquered their home. After hearing how much Lorne longs to be of use in combat once more, Valiant takes him back to Camelot and gives King Arthur a glowing recommendation of his old teacher's skills as a strategist. The king decides to test Lorne by assigning him to devise a strategy to end the threat posed by a cunning band of bandits who are terrorizing the Duchy of Westbridge. Lorne's plan to lure the bandits out in the open in Aleford using a wagon of tax money as bait satisfies Sir Gawain enough for him to let the old-timer call the shots on this mission. A few days later, word reaches Camelot that things are going poorly in Aleford and that Gawain needs more men and a new strategist. Valiant leads the reinforcements and learns from Gawain that Lorne panicked in battle and forgot to stick to his plan, thus causing three men to be killed and many others to be wounded. Valiant accuses Gawain of exaggerating the situation, but he learns the truth himself when he is forced to take charge directing the men after Lorne forgets his new plan in the middle of the next battle. Gawain bluntly reports to King Arthur that Lorne does not belong on the battlefield, a tactic that offends the clueless Lorne and ever-loyal Valiant. Eventually, the prince is forced to accept the truth and tell his old friend that King Arthur wants him to resign his post. Thankfully, all ends happily: Gawain and Valiant apologize to each other for the harsh words that passed between them, and Lorne finds new purpose in training Camelot's youths as he once helped train his beloved prince.
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