Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 11

The Return

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1991 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Arn and Rowanne are on a mission with Sir Palimar when they receive a letter from Valiant detailing the remarkable events that occurred after they left. King Ian of Kengary came to Camelot to investigate Arthur's New Order, but this fearsome warrior saw little sense in making might secondary to right. The festivities were interrupted by the surprise arrival of the exiled Baron of Bridgeford and his brother Robert. Duncan had come to Arthur hoping his former friend would give them food and money – however, the king was still furious with the baron for courting Guinevere after Arthur confessed his desire to marry her. Guinevere offered the brothers a room to stay in and gently scolded her husband for refusing them the charity they needed. But later that night, Duncan's attempt to foil Arthur's intended alliance with Ian resulted in the death of Deric, the visiting monarch's most trusted court advisor. Valiant heard the scuffle from his chambers and rushed out into the hall to see what he thought was the Baron Draconarius running away from the scene. King Ian wanted the baron's head and threatened dire consequences this didn't happen – although Arthur insisted on conducting a fair trial, he confessed to Merlin that he wanted Duncan dead even more. Valiant's eyewitness account was the sole basis for accusing the baron, but when he admitted that he didn't get a clear look at the murderer the tribunal (Sir Gawain, Sir Bryant, and Sir Hector) was forced to find the accused not guilty. King Ian left Camelot in a rage, and Arthur was so disillusioned with the system he created that neither Guinevere nor Merlin could dissuade him from riding after Duncan. Fortunately, Valiant convinced the king to spare his enemy by begging Arthur to preserve the dream that once inspired him to cross a continent and serve the New Order. Valiant ends his letter with the remarkable news that Baron Draconarius was so moved by the mercy of Arthur's system that he reconciled with his former friend and pledged to honorably confess his crimes to King Ian.