Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 33

The Ring of Truth

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Sir Arn – whose official knighting ceremony is a week away – is about to participate in his first Round Table meeting, and Valiant and Rowanne (who cannot enter) couldn't be more proud of him. Emissaries from Grafton and Northland abruptly interrupt the meeting; each claims the other's kingdom has instigated unprovoked attacks. King Arthur does not know which of his two allies is in the right and opts to find a peaceful solution before committing his troops to either side. The emissaries are to inform Baron Ulrich of Grafton and King Michael of Northland to meet Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne on a neutral field to talk peace. Unfortunately, an agent of Selena, Northland's former Sage Advisor and Camelot's sworn enemy, kills both emissaries before they can deliver this message. Selena writes false war declarations from Arthur to both nobles and uses her copy of Camelot's royal seal to make them look official. She then intercepts Valiant's carrier pigeons and sends back fake letters from Michael and Ulrich that request a meeting in a secluded clearing. Valiant leaves Arn in charge of the camp while he rides to the meeting with a small force of soldiers – his men are soon trapped between a bog and soldiers dressed as Northlanders who actually work for Selena. Back at camp, Rowanne realizes that the seal used to close Northland's letter is fake because she has worn King Michael's royal ring since they last parted. She sends Arn and the men to help Valiant while she rides to Northland, running into Selena and learning of her involvement along the way. Rowanne tells Michael what is really going on, and her word is more than enough to convince him to help her friends despite the fact that Ulrich's army could attack any moment. With the battle won, Selena captured, and threat of war averted, our heroes return home for what turns into a double knighting ceremony: both Arn and Rowanne are dubbed Knights of Camelot by King Arthur.
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