Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 18

The Road Back

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1992 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Despite the bad blood between Valiant and Duncan Draconarius, King Arthur orders the prince to lead the baron's escort to Kengary as a test of his ability to control his emotions. Valiant wants the baron to pay for his crimes, yet he confesses to Merlin that he's uncomfortable delivering his old adversary to certain death. The long journey to Kengary is made difficult by Valiant's rising hostility towards the prisoner – his hatred grows strong enough to noticeably alarm Rowanne. The small escort soon learns that a civil war has broken out between the Cahains (Ian's clan) and the Monroes over the fact that the king failed to properly avenge the murder of Deric Monroe. While Duncan regrets the fallout of his accidental murder, he doesn't want to venture further into this war-torn area and makes a run for it. Valiant follows in a blaze of fury and causes the two of them to fall off a cliff into the rapids in his efforts to force Duncan back. A tearful Rowanne and the rest of the guards give them up as lost, but further downstream Valiant has chained himself to his prisoner in his determination to complete his mission. The baron accuses Valiant of being hard-hearted, then gets a hard lesson in guilt when the pair finds the corpses of a family who fell victim to the civil unrest. He eventually winds up forfeiting a second chance to escape in order to save Valiant's life and end the war he caused. Disguised as monks, Valiant and Duncan enter Ian's castle and suggest that the warrior king duel the leader of the Monroes in a final bid to end the hostilities. Ian is about to finish off his opponent when the baron reveals his identity, expresses his remorse and willingness to die for his crime, and speaks of the Arthurian ideals that made violence abhorrent to him. The Monroes decide to accept whatever sentence King Ian places on this changed man; after Ian chooses to forever hold Duncan in Kengary as his royal advisor, Valiant sincerely wishes his former foe luck on his chance to forge a better life.
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