Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 22

The Treaty

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

A hooded figure wearing the emblem of Camelot sneaks into the room holding King Olaf's Ring of State and takes it. This comes at a time when the frequent Viking raids in the north are growing so violent that war is becoming unavoidable. Arthur knows he can neither abandon the ideals of Camelot nor compensate his people for their losses, so he decides to send Valiant, Gawain, Bryant, and Kay to negotiate a peace treaty with Olaf. The king is thunderstruck upon learning that the ring has been stolen – Merlin advises him to hunt the traitor who stole it quietly to avoid arousing suspicion. The peace delegation first travels to Kengary to secure the aid of King Duncan before sailing unarmed to the Vikings' shore. Duncan tells Valiant on the voyage that the problems between foreigners and native Camelotians are growing worse; it is later revealed to the viewers that Lord Maldon has been taking advantage of this hostility to turn more people against Arthur. The voyage north is put in danger when a Viking attack causes the ship to run aground and all the passengers to fall overboard. Everyone in the party is taken unharmed to King Olaf's camp and learns that Mordred has forged a peace treaty and trade agreement in the name of King Arthur. Valiant and Gawain try to tell Olaf that Mordred killed his peace delegation and is an enemy of Camelot, but Olaf insists that the knight is trustworthy. The uneasy peace delegation has no choice but to return to Camelot and tell King Arthur that Olaf will accept the treaty proposed by Mordred only if the Viking Ring of State is returned as a show of good faith. What they don't know is that Mordred (who secretly possesses the ring) and Olaf plan on using the peace to lull Arthur into a false sense of security while they plan a northern invasion. Arthur is furious that he must publicly acknowledge Mordred's part in the peace and invite him back to Camelot – with an uncertain future looming in the distance, Merlin suggests they not delay the invitation so that they can keep an eye on their enemy.